ROON planned back-up

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Question. It seems that the automatic ‘planned back-up’ that I’ve set for once in every 30 days in ROON > Back-ups doesn’t work. Do I need to leave my Mac (=ROON Core) ON for my planned back-up at 3am, to work right ?

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The Core doesn’t need to be on 24/7 to keep a check of the 30 day timing but obviously it needs to be on for the BU to occur , its copying data from your library to you BU destination so it must be active at the point in time …

In some setups , if you are actually playing music when the scheduled BU tries to start it will fail. 3Am shouldn’t be a problem unless you are a night owl

Every 30 days seems a bit infrequent , maybe do it more frequently then the odd failure won’t matter so much. If 90% succeed you will be covered.

I BU every day and store 20