Roon Playback Error "Too many failures. Stopping playback." (ref#AE378K)

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Hi I’ve been having issues with Roon for months now. I’m getting an error that says “Too many failures. Stopping playback.” It happens on every track I try to play. I’ve tired uninstalling, I relocated my 1tb+ library to a new HD. Nothing seems to fix it. I thought it was a bug so about 6 months ago just stopped using Roon. The other day I decided to reinstall roon hoping the latest version fixed it. Still broken. How do I fix this?

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The computer is a few years old. Windows 11 pro, Ryzen 9 5900x, 128gb ram, 2 m.2 ssd and 2 3.5" 7200rpm drives. My library is installed on one of the 3.5" 7200.

Connected Audio Devices

Just my speakers are connected. They are klipsch the fives and they are connected through usb.

Home Network Details

connected through wifi to a Verizon fios router with 1gb speeds. I think there’s one range extender upstairs but the main router is closer to me.

@msaia, this sympton is typical of a network issue in your home network. As you only have the PC running Roon with The Fives connected by USB, have you tried using an Ethernet cable connection to the Verizon router instead of WiFi? Even if temporary, this can isolate whether the issue is network or even WiFi related.

I don’t have a cable that long. It would have to go around 50 ft into another room. Any other ideas to verify the issue. Also, this issue if for the server not a player. So the roon software is on one drive and all audio files it looks to are on the same computer on a different drive. There shouldn’t be a need for the internet since it’s all local.

@msaia, Roon 2.0 now requires an always-on Internet connection, so a network connection to the net is a necessity, even for a single computer Roon system.

What I am recommending is a temporary test to help isolate the problem you are experiencing. If you can take your Roon Core computer and connect it to the Verizon router with an Ethernet cable, and you can play something on it locally, then it seems the network connection where the Core PC is located may be resulting in issues on playback.

Without being able to isolate different system components, Roon and the Community will struggle with ideas on how to assist.

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Hi @msaia,

Thank you for your patience as we worked through the queue to reach your report.

With your permission, the tech support team can pull diagnostic logging from your account that will specify, to a certain degree of precision, the reason for the playback interruption. This should give us a clear indication of whether @Robert_F’s helpful suggestion is correct, in which case we can help to diagnose and resolve the networking issue at play.


That would be great. How do I run that?

Following up on this. Any next steps?

@msaia, did you try temporarily connecting your Roon Core to the Verizon router with an Ethernet cable to identify or eliminate if the network connection at its normal location may be an issue?

No. That’s about 30 ft away and I don’t have a cat cable long enough right now. Is there no way to trouble shoot this another way?

There was a post above that mentioned “pull diagnostic logging from your account that will specify, to a certain degree of precision, the reason for the playback interruption” Is that an option?

Is it possible to move your Roon Core even temporarily to being next to your router and use an Ethernet cable to test the network connection? I believe Roon is seeing if you can do a cable connection betwwen the router and Core before analyzing your logs. If Roon works with an Ethernet cable connection, then we can isolate the issue to your network.

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