Roon Playback Instability

Hi, my Roon core is Mac Mini 2011 2.5GHZ INTEL CORE i5 w 4 GB 1333MHz DDR3 running OS X EL CAPITAN. M

sorry…my internet is all hard wired cat 6. My core mac mini is HDMI connected to my Classe SSP-800. I have three other endpoints, a wired PS audio DSJ, a wired Bluesound Power Node 2, and a wifi Bluesound Pulse. My issues is 1)when playing music it will flit from song to song sometimes, during album play or playlist play. Sometimes it will stop altogether. 2) Also, my Roon Core will sometimes ‘loose’ my other endpoints and they will show as ‘not available’ on Roon. I have replaced my router, rebooted my router, and rebooted my Mac-mini. This seems to me as a direct internet issue, as if the internet is ‘stuttering’ or being temporarily overwhelmed.
But when I have my internet and wifi checked, it comes back all good. Help please! Is it possibly my Mac mini?? thanks so much, Ken

Hi @Ken_Kyser,

Can you describe your network a bit for me? What networking hardware is in use?

Does this occur with all content (streaming and local)? Where is your library stored?

Does this behavior occur with all endpoints? If you play directly to the System Output of the Core machine does this exhibit the same behavior?

Hi Dylan,
Thank for your reply!
My modem is Verizon Fios G1100
I have bypassed the wifi router and am wired from the Fios Modem into an
Airport Extreme Wifi (with additional (switch) network outputs.
My Core Output is HDMI direly into my Classe Pre / Pro SSP 800.
My Downstairs Direct Stream Junior is hardwired to ethernet direct from the
Fios Modem, and seems to have the least issues.But of course the
Core must be involved in all of this, correct?
It is music outputting directly from my core which often crashes or flits.
I do have my Core output grouped with two Bluesound devices, a wired Power
Node 2 and a wifi Pulse. As stated, not only do the tracks flit / crash / ?buffer? but I will occasionally lose the other two Bluesound endpoints
and they will show as ‘unavailable’.
I am certainly wondering if it could be the mac mini which does this.
Any computer I have had which is always left on seems to find its own issues
at times.Also, even as the mac is in ‘never sleep’ mode, the audio out-
put does tend to ‘sleep’ and I have to go over and tap the mouse or keyboard
twice to ‘wake up’ the output. This is interesting as I can hear the
other grouped speakers playing, but the direct to core music does not output
until i tap thekeyboard or mouse.
I am wondering if a Roon Nucleus would solve everything, but not if it is
truly an internet issue.

Presently I am playing Beck, Mutations, which I just added to my library. It is flitting from one song to another, and my PowerNode is showing as ‘audio zone not available’. Now it has stopped entirely.

I restarted my Mac mini with no change whatsoever.

Hi @Ken_Kyser,

Is your media stored directly on the Mac Mini Core, or is it stored elsewhere? Do you stream content from TIDAL or Qobuz as well?

When playing to System Output of the Core machine, once the music starts playing, does it exhibit the same behavior as the other devices or does it work okay?

Thanks gain.
My music (CD’s ripped) are all on my mac mini. I presently only stream Tidal.

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