Roon Playback interruption Over the network With Roon Ready Device

Roon Core Machine

The roon core is running on an Innuous Zen Mini MKIII This unit is hard wired with an ethernet cable to the Xfinity router

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Xfinity Xfi gateway modem both Innuous zen mini MKIII server and Hifirose 150b roon ready device is also hard wired via ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

2 audio devices are connected in the roon setup Innuous Zen Mini MKIII using as a roon core device and the roon ready DAC is Hifirose 150b

Number of Tracks in Library

Number of tracks inside the ZEN Mini MKIII is 5000

Description of Issue

Playback in roon is being paused on its own when playing local files in the hard drive (not a streaming service) usually happens after playing 5-6 tracks over the network ie connection being used is ethernet between roon core and roon ready device.

This problem does not occur when we play roon using the streaming service tidal.

The playback pausing problem does not happen if we use USB as a connection between the roon core and roon ready device while playing local files on the hardrive.

I suspect the problem to be a network issue but not sure if it is becuase both items are hardwired to the xfinity router switch. Has anyone else had this issue happen before or is there anything else that i can do thanks for the help here in the comunity…

Does anyone from the support team have any idea why this happens or why it would be happening is their any logs that can be looked at in order to determine what is the cause of the payback pause?

Hey @Luis_Miranda,

First off, welcome to the community! We’re excited to have you here.

As a next step, please grab a timestamp of the next time this issue occurs. We’ll enable diagnostics on your account and take a look at what might be going on at the time of the issue.

I’ll be standby for your reply :+1:

Hi Ben,

Thanks for your reply and support as far as a time stamp what exactly do you mean time of the track where it stops or time of the day and date of when it stops. Also I want to let you know that the account associated to this problem is associated with this email: [moderated: email removed]
As an update the ISP (xfinity) has changed the router and the service speed has increased from 300mbs to 1GBs since this change the problem has become a non factor. Im not sure if a slow network was the root cause of the problem but it would be nice to have roon automatically generate log files in order to diagnose problems like this. We tried both connections over a hardwired network to a roon ready device as well as connecting it straight to the Core via USB.

Please advice on the time stamp situation so that you can turn on diagnostics for the account mentioned above.

The time the event occurs.

Thanks I will take a time stamp next time the event happens and report back

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