Roon playback issues (lagging - skipping tracks)

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

windows 10
Processeur : Intel® Core™ i5-3350P CPU @ 3.10 GHz 3.10 GHz
RAM : 16 Go
64 bits, processeur X64
Roon Version : 1.7 (build 571)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Freebox Mini V2 (routeur/modem)
Access to Core : Wifi (CPL)
Streamer linked to routeur via Ethernet

Routeur -->RJ45–>Moon MIND 2 --> Naim DC1 --> Naim NDAC --> Naim XS2

50423 track stored in library (PC)

Description Of Issue


I’m experiencing many playback issues (audio lag and hiccups for a couple of seconds, for almost every tracks played, or sometimes skip to next track) while using roon app since I upgraded my system with a Simaudio Moon Mind 2.

Same thing happens when i use Tidal via Roon app, or the Roon Radios.

Roon used to work perfectly fine on my former Pioneer N50-A.

The streaming works faultlessly when I use the simaudio Moon app.
It works nicely with my old jriver app that I just reactivated.

Thanks in advacne for your help.


  1. If you switch back to the Pioneer, does the issue continue?
  2. If I understand, your Core is connected via Wifi? If so, does the issue continue if you plug it up to ethernet?

I personnaly stream to the Mind v2 internal module of a Moon 780Dv2 without issue. As the Moon Mind 2 external streamer you are using is reported to use the same module found internally in the 780D v2, I suspect your problem may lie with the way Roon is configured for your Mind 2, or to the SPDIF connection to the Naim NDAC through the DC1. Before you introduced the Moon Mind 2, how did you use Roon to stream through the DC1 -> NDAC, or is this last part also new ?
Please post how Roon sees your audio devices.

He said in his post he was using the Pioneer N50-A which is a streamer. It looks like he just replaced one for the other and is now encountering issues.

Hello guys,

Thanks for the answers.

@ andré you’re right, MIND 2, DC1 (RCA to BNC) and Ndac came simultaneously to my system). They are replacing my Pioner N50A.

I got them off the equation, because they all work smoothly when i use other apps than Roon.

In any case here are a couple of screens from my roon settings

@Rugby, i just put back my old pioneer, it worked nicely.
And yes, core is on wifi. I’ll try to get my hands on a long ethernet cable, run the test as you suggested and come back with results.

Thanks again for helping out.


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Routeur -->RJ45–>Roon Core --> USB -->

Or move the core as below and get the moon MIND 2 out of the chain, connecting to the NDAC from the core via USB.

Routeur -->RJ45–>RoonCore --> USB --> Naim NDAC --> Naim XS2

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Hi @Jim_Choree,

It sounds like you have some great suggestions here from other users, I would start by eliminating the Mind 2 and the WiFi from the equation. Do let us know the results from this test and we can proceed from there, thanks!

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Hi Noris,

Those were nice suggestions you guys made.
I will be able to perform thoses tests soon and will share the results with you.

Thanks again for helping out.


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NDAC is not a usb DAC so this won’t work; however coax or optical out from N50 to NDAC might be a useful test.

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Sorry, missed that.

Hello Everyone,

I read carefully carefully your messages and had time to perform various configurations as suggested :

Core --> wifi --> routeur --> RJ 45 --> Pioneer N50A --> Optical Audioquest Cinnamon --> Ndac --> amp : 100 % (library+tidal+radio)

Core --> Ethernet RJ 45 --> routeur --> RJ 45 --> Pioneer N50A --> Optical Audioquest Cinnamon --> Ndac --> amp : 100 % (library+tidal+radio)

Core --> Ethernet RJ45 --> routeur --> RJ 45 --> Moon MIND 2 --> coax Naim DC1 (rca to BNC) --> ndac --> amp : 100 % perfect (library+tidal+radio)

I ran a couple of speedtest in case it might help :

Wifi : ping : 30 ms - download : 35,57 Mbps - upload : 14 Mbps
Wired (RJ 45) : 17 ms - download : 54,55 Mbps - upload : 14,57 Mbps

Does it mean Roon is too “needy” for a wifi core ?


I am not surprised that a connecting your Roon core to the ethernet instead of using WiFi greatly improved the streaming to the Mind 2.Here in Canada, I frequently heard the Simaudio chief engeneer recommend, when invited to present Mind related devices, that an Ethernet connection be used preferably to WiFi.Nevertheless, here are some observations I can make.

  • You could try removing the RJ45 ethernet connection from the Mind 2, and put the Mind 2 in WiFi mode and see how things go. This could help you to tell whether the WiFi issue lies more with the Ronn Core than with the Mind 2.In my setup here, I used the Mind 2 in WiFi mode without issue for a long period of time, but with the Roon core connected in ethernet mode. Never tried it in WiFi mode.
  • The inadequacy of the WiFi connection may lie with your router and/or how WiFi is configured on the machine hosting your core, more than with Roon itself, which may not be that “needy” after all.
  • Sample rate of the tracks you stream evidently play an important role in the bandwidth use of your system. Were you having problems with HiRes files ?

Hope this helps.Please keep us informed.


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The Core should not be on a Wifi hop if can be avoided since all music, including streaming goes to the core first and then back out to the endpoint.


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