Roon Playback Problem Qobuz “Track not currently available…”

I absolutely love Roon! My experience with Roon and Qobuz has been flawless with the exception of a couple of albums that I am unable to play through Roon. This example is The Age of Immunology by Vanishing Twin. I get the “track not currently available from Qobuz”, “Too many failures. Playback stopped”. I am able to play this album from the Qobuz application and can download to my iPhone using the Qobuz application, but unable to play thru Roon. I use ethernet input to Roon Rock on a NUC7i5 to PS Audio PerfectWave DAC. Screen shots are below. I have logged in an out of both Roon and Qobuz to no affect. Updated Codecs also to no affect. I have looked at some other posts before reporting problem; however, none of the answers seem to apply to my situation. Thanks for the assist.

Hi @George_Abrahams,

Can you confirm the region of your Qobuz account?

If you go to the Versions tab and choose a different version of this album from Qobuz does it work for you?

I assume region for Qobuz account is US.

Yes, if I choose another version it works. Did not notice a different version in my previous attempts. Thanks for the assist Dylan.

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