Roon Player and Sonos Devices Airplay vs Streaming

Hye guy’s ,
In my streaming to Sonos devices I’ve experienced this
Ronn Audio detect 2 categories of Sonos
Sonos Airplay
and Sonos Streaming
1- For the Sonos Play 5 for exemple
Sonos Play 5 Sonos streaming I have no sound
Sonos Play 5 Airplay I have sound
2- For the Sonos Home Cinema (Beam + 2 Play 1’s surround)
the same
Sonos Beam Airplay is OK but Beam Sonos streaming no sound
3- For the Sonos Connect wich is a Streamer DAC
Roon only detect Sonos Connect in Sonos streaming mode and it works

My question is why I have no sound in Sonos streaming mode for Play 5 and Beam Home cinema

Hey Guy’s ,
I just want to add an Info
The Sonos that weren’t giving me sound are part of audio devices connected to a gateway that I have removed .
So I had to reboot the Rock server and they were updated with the new IP .
But my question is still up to date
I have now 2 devices Sonos
One is Airplay and the other is Sonos streaming
They’re both in service and seem to give the same sound
but with one do you think I should promote ?

Finaly I think there is one option wich is better as Airplay devices can only be grouped with AirPlay devices and as Sonos Connect doesn’t seem to be Airplay in my System
So I can only group Sonos Connect with Beam and Play5 if I choose the Sonos Streaming version of Beam and Play5 and not the Airplay version of them
Hope this can help someone