Roon player on macOS fails to start playing radio channel

On my macos I have a Roon remote from where i control the core (on a different computer). Sometimes I’m unable to start playing a radio channel (streaming, actually no radio channels work; click play station and nothing happens) while playing some files on local network (flac). I have to close roon remote; and start it up again - then it works fine.

Both core and remote are latest and greatest version.

Hello @Tor_Gunnar_Berland,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to take a look over this issue with you. Can you please let me know more information regarding your setup using this link as a guide?

Please be sure to include make/model of your Core and Remote PC, make/model of your DAC endpoint and also which radio stations you are having issues playing, a link to one or several of them would be useful here. Can you also please confirm if this same issue exists on the Core itself and not just on the Remote PC?


Core is an iMac Pro 10core, 128GB RAM with macOS 10.13.6
DAC is currently the integrated one in Moon 430HAD (headphone amplifier).

It is the core, same if I use the iMac Pro or Oppo UDP 203 as an endpoint.
It also seems to struggle with radio streaming; when I start one station it often starts something from the buffer; I have to stop it and start again to get current content. For some reason it plays back a Madonna song which has not been on for weeks, then it crashes indicating it was unable to play of the stream for the radio channel. When starting again it might do the same again, but if I click stop then starts the radio station stream it always works :slight_smile:

Hello @Tor_Gunnar_Berland,

Thanks for confirming that setup information for me, can you also please let me know how your Core is connected to the internet? Is if via an Ethernet cable to the Router or over Wifi?

I have another test I would aslo kindly ask you to run, can you please try selecting the “System Output” as your audio destination and try playing the same radio channels/media and let me know if you still notice the same issue as before? This will be helpful in narrowing down where exactly the issue lies.


Core is connected to internet via Ethernet cable (Gigabit (switch) against router (350Mbit/s out in the world). Nothing over Wifi regarding audio-path.

I have not been able to reproduce; I will make sure to post information here if I do. Setting audio output to “System Output” was a terrible experience; hope I never have to do that again ever :wink: By the way, this never happened with media stored on NAS or Tidal; always radio stream.

I’m now however moving over to Roon Nucleus+ as my core. Works fine running core on macOS, but I like the idea of a dedicated box with less stress for other operations (my iMac Pro is squeezed hard for VMware hosting, 4K-video editing and retouching of massive poster size pictures).

Hello @Tor_Gunnar_Berland,

I just want to confirm here, you mentioned that you:

Does that mean that with System Output the radio stations were working fine and this issue was only present in your Moon DAC? Can you please provide a link to one of the radio stations that is not working for you for us to test on our end?

You mention that you are switching over to a Nucelus+, does this mean that you would like to stop troubleshooting this issue on the MacOS for the time being since you are switching machines?

I would also try the same radio stations on the Nucelus after you have that set up and see if you run into the same issue, it might be the radio stream itself causing the issues if it is unavailable. Please let me know your findings when possible.


No, regardless of System Output or directly to Moon DAC; unable to reproduce for now. Of course, nothing wrong with the Moon DAC :wink:

I will not troubleshoot this anymore, since I’m moving away for MacOS for the core. New support post if I see this issue again on any device (including Nucelus+)

There could of course be something iffy with these specific radio channel’s stream.

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