Roon player vs roon endpoint?

Is this the same thing?.

Getting tougher to distinguish those devices that can do a core, do a player, etc. Roon ready? Roon endpoint? Most resellers are confused.

Is roon player same as roon endpoint??

They can be one and the same. First you have the roon core. This is the main database software and where also connect a storage device internally or externally. This can be on Mac or pc, intel nuc, or roon nucleus.

The roon core can also be an end point as well where you hook your dac to the usb or optical output of your core. For best sound quality it’s recommended to separate your end point.

A separate end point is only an output system. It doesn’t run the database or store music. It can be a complete streamer with a dac included or a bridge device where you hook a dac to it. It just streams your roon music. These can be a cheap Raspberry PI or more expensive units. Also iPhone and other similar devices can work as end points as well.


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Lots of confusing overlapping device capabilities.

I got a chord dac with headphone amp I didn’t need because dac was very good, tt2.

Not so sure about separating endpoint, or player. If done well it probably is fine. Darn confusing to use endpoint word to describe a player. If they ever create a tidal connect like Spotify, it probably would Not be good for roon. It is a confusing area.

I’m sort of confused what you’re trying to do. When first starting out with roon, you probably just install on computer and try that as core and end point. Maybe use mobile device to control. Can stream Tidal/Qobuz. Roon won’t add any more unless can have complete integration.

Then if you want to move your dac away from computer, can get a separate endpoint or can setup headless nuc and use just that. I have both the nuc and endpoint Stack Audio Link II. Went with that endpoint because it was plug and play didn’t want to mess with Raspberry PI.

But then I just bought a nuc for my core because didn’t want to pay 3x the amount for plug and play Nucleus. This took some setting up but wasn’t too bad. This greatly improved how fast roon brings up artist/album pages, search and how quickly it starts playing. On the iMac sometimes it would get hung up especially if was being used for other tasks.

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