Roon playing music on melco nas


Happy new year everyone :slight_smile:

I have roon server installed on my Synology NAS, and use Melco as player. I was trying to add my music on Melco’s Nas but roon cannot recognize the Melco’s nas, but Roon was able to recognize Melco’s nas when I am running core on my macbook pro, so I presume it is some setting on Synology Nas that prevent it from accessing Melco’s nas.

But I figured out a way to add Melco’s nas to Roon: I mounted Melco’s nas on Synology as a remote drive.

I am wondering if it is the same as adding Melco natively on Roon? Also if the song playing is on the same host as Roon bridge(in my case song is on Melco’s nas and I am playing using Melco as bridge), how does the data flow? Does the data go through core and then to bridge or directly playing locally? Since it might influence the sound quality.


Goes from Melco to core then back to Melco. All data in Roon goes through core. All wired network connections are duplex so it shouldn’t in theory have any affect they are designed to receive and send at the same time. Only you though can decide if it does sound the same or worse in your system. What anyone else thinks is irrelevant

Thanks for clarifying:)

I am wondering if a hifi level roon core is necessary if I have got a dedicated player for playback