Roon playing Qobuz loads the processor

Qnap TS-531, 2 M2 SSDs with Core installed, 3 WD Red 3G drives for files, RAID 05
Control with Ipad Air 2, streamer Linn Akurate DS/1 to DAC Accoustic Arts Tube DAC II, digital cable coax.

My problem, after installing Qobuz, 192/24 files are not played smoothly, they are still buffering, the Qnap server shows 80-100% CPU load. Plays 96/24 files without buffering or jamming but the server load also around 100%.
If I’m using Linn Kazoo to open everything is fine.
plays smoothly at any density and server load within 15%.
I don’t have DSP enabled or other enhancements.
What is the reason and what can be changed in the settings to make it play without jams.

Sorry for my english but i use google translate.

screenshot during Qobuz 192/24 playback

What processor does the qnap have?

Intel® Celeron® J1800 2,41 GHz 2 core

That’s below the minimum spec recommended by roon so I think that’s your problem.

I understand that you have to live with it.

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Indeed that’s about it :wink:

I’m afraid the best way to solve this means buying a NUC to run the Roon Core. This will be much cheaper than purchasing a new NAS.

I bought mine a while ago, so don’t know the current cost of doing this. Of course it also adds an additional box to the system, but in the longer term it would be beneficial.

There’s a recent thread here that looks at cheap alternatives to NUCs even: Ryzen 3 MOCK Build - it lives!

I am very happy with the solutions I use, the problem only happens on Qobuz and only with 192/24 files, it is not a big problem for me.

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