Roon playing through iPad Speakers

Having recently bought an iPad Pro to use as a remote for ROON, I really enjoy the ability to browse my music library and build playlists etc. But what would be really handy is if I could use the iPad’s speakers to listen to music as well.

I realise it is not a high fidelity option, but one of convenience when you just want to quickly listen to a track to make decisions about inclusion to playlist etc. This is possible on my Macbook Pro, I can not see why it is not possible on the iPad Pro, which incidentally sounds better than the Macbook Pro.

Hi Steve,

I corrected the typo in your title, but it may have been apt because you may well be able to play through iPad speakers “soon”.

To date the iOS app has not included any Output component and is restricted to Control only. That was originally intended to be introduced when everything turned RAAT in 1.2 but I have noticed some qualifications regarding iOS Output arising, I think, from Apple’s approach to multi-tasking.

Perhaps @brian or @danny can let us know the current expectations as to iOS Output and 1.2 ?

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We’re hoping to implement this in the future, but it’s not there yet and isn’t scheduled to be part of the initial 1.2 release.

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OK so long as it is in the works, I am happy. I am sure you have an endless list of features to add, so I will let you get on with it! :wink:

The ‘speakers’ app for airfoil will do what you want. It’s in the app store.


with a headphone the sound can be very good. after all there are no bad dacs anymore.

Being able to listen to Roon through the speakers or headphones on an iPad (iPhone?) would be really handy.

Since Airfoil and other apps do not have the Roon UI, Roon sound processing or Roon library management I would hardly say it “will do what you want,” at least not what I want. I am waiting with great anticipation for a version of room that can play to headphones on the iPad, even if restricted to high-end or Pro iPads.

It is probably too much to ask, but what I would really like is to have an iPad be a server as well, even if restricted to serving itself as in the simple one PC config of Roon. This would support truly mobile use. My iPad Pro has 2565GB which would work well.

256GB! why not a ms surface?

i have thought about it, but we are kind of an Apple family. I do used a Windows 10 NUC in one room, but it is a single use appliance only accessed via iPad.

macbook pro late 2008 with ssd’s?

We use Apple for most things - but I have just bought a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 as a Roon remote. I did this (from advice on this forum) that Roon could play to the headphone socket on the Surface Pro - that (in addition to saving £250) is why I bought the Surface Pro instead of an iPad Pro.

The Surface Pro works fine AND I’ve just discovered a way to let the Roon app play to headphones on iPad or iPhone:

  1. Configure Windows to accept remote connections.
  2. Install Microsoft Remote Desktop Client App (it’s free) on iPad or iPhone
  3. Set up connection on iPad to Windows machine - and make sure that sound is set to ‘Play on device’ instead of ‘Play on remote PC’
  4. Run Roon on Windows machine and make sure that local system audio is enabled (Roon … Settings … Audio)
  5. Launch Microsoft RD on iPad / iPhone, use it control Roon and play to local audio (i.e. whatever name you gave it in step 4)
  6. Listen to Roon in iPhone / iPad headphones!!!

Unfortunately I do not believe Remote Desktop is sending an unprocessed audio stream. I believe it is highly compressed, but I am not certain. We really want Roon end-to-end since they are the only “trustworthy” steward of the audio.

so it’s an endpoint. You can also use a android tablet -but no ipad. iPads are remote only.

My solution also was to dump the iPad Pro (and MacBook Pro), bought a Microsoft Surface Book, works very well.

expensive remote surface pro. A android samsung tab A will do.

The Surface is used for many other things, not just a remote for ROON.

Is it known if iOS devices as an endpoint will happen at about the same time as 1.3?

Ah, just noted this from @andybob from another post:

“There has been no public announcement about implementation of Output under iOS. To avoid people re-discovering this thread and asking if the position has changed we will close the thread pending such change. When an announcement is made we will link it here also.”

This is not in Roon’s control. They are waiting on the developer of the software they use to address this in a way that apple will be happy with.

Version 9.3 of the iPeng app now enables play from Roon as a Squeezebox server. You must purchase the iPeng app ($8.99) and the in app Play upgrade ($4.99) and enable Squeezebox support in Roon. This is a third-party app not a Roon implementation, but it is working well for me.