ROON Playlist and the Iphone... How to?

Whats the best way to take ROON playlists with me on my Iphone to play when away from the home network?

Import playlists to ITunes? That sounds too manual and so 2010.


Offline/mobile usage is “the next big thing” as the target for the roon development team I think.
I’m not sure that there is a best way at the moment, just a number of alternatives people have developed. Have a read of the forums for the general ideas.

Got it. Thanks

I use TIDAL to create any playlists I need to access away from home at the moment.

Play on my phone via the TIDAL app, and at home via Roon.

Not perfect but works pretty well until we get Roon on the move :slight_smile:

So… you can put songs in your library (not originally from Tidal) on a “Tidal Playlist”?

I’ve never used a Tidal playlist at home or otherwise, so, I’ll have to see what that involves. Tidal is a little buggy and slow on my system, so i wouldnt want to do that as a playlist system at home. But if I could load a couple of playlist of “my music” to “take with”… that could probably work.

Yeah I just use the TIDAL app (phone or desktop) to create a playlist. That will sync with Roon and be available at home on my hifi. Plus I can listen on my phone when I’m out and about using the TIDAL app.

In fact I still create most of my playlists this way even when the tracks are available in my local Roon library as FLAC files, because it gives me the best of both worlds.

To complicate matters further I have Deezer in my car and I transfer some of my TIDAL playlists to Deezer as well… but that’s another story :wink:

EDIT: Sorry misread your first sentence, no I pick all the tracks from the TIDAL library. You can’t take Roon library tracks and add them to a TIDAL playlist, only a Roon playlist; which as we know at present cant be accessed on the move. So if the track isn’t available in TIDAL you are stuck…