Roon playlist format

Roon Core Machine

ROCK on Intel NUC
Intel i7, RoonOS on local M2 drive
Been stable for years, but will soon be replaced with a current generation NUC.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Wired network between Roon NUC, QNAP NAS and KEF LS60 speakers connected to the same English Electric network switch. That switch is wired to the main router to the rest of the house and internet via fiber. All of the above are on cable lengths less than 1 meter. Desktop Win11 used to manage the library connected to the main router by fiber. Very stable configuration.

Connected Audio Devices

KEF LS60 wired to the same network switch as Roon NUC and QNAP NAS

Number of Tracks in Library

Some 150,000 music files on the local NAS and backed up to a second office NAS and also to a a large external WD USB drive connected to the primary computer.

Description of Issue

Roon no longer recognises my playlists.
The watched music directory on the local NAS is \Music is organised into folders by my ‘genres’ - \Music\Male Vocal, \Music\Jazz etc.
The music directory also contains a directory \Music\Playlists where I store the playlists I create on my computer using J River 30.
Playlists is just another folder at the same level as the music folders by genre.
In the past I have successfully used the playlist path as:
...\Jazz\Terry Herman Trio\Blue Aranjuez\Terry Herman Trio - Blue Aranjuez - 01.01 - Blue Aranjuez.flac
.\ goes back a directory level from the Playlists sub-directory
…\finds the Jazz sub-directory

Is this correct for Roon?
If so, it is not working and I cannot find a definitive statement of what works other than using full directory paths.

Thanks for your kind assistance.

Just to clarify.

  1. You haven’t changed anything in terms of storage setup
  2. You haven’t changed the playlists
  3. These playlists were seen by Roon and just stopped working and disappeared from Roon’s playlist tab.

And you have tried rebooting everything including the network.

Thanks for responding, Daniel.

  1. I moved the music and playlists from a USB-connected WD Elements drive attached to the Roon NUC to the NAS drive (on the same network switch as the Roon NUC).

  2. One of the ten playlists shows up correctly and completely with 247 tracks:
    ...\Latin\Buena Vista Social Club\Buena Vista Social Club\Eliades Ochoa - Buena Vista Social Club - 01.01 - Chan Chan.flac
    ...\Male Vocal\Yusuf Islam\An Other Cup\Yusuf Islam - An Other Cup - 01.07 - Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood.flac

  3. Nine playlists in the same format and in the same NAS\Music\Playlists directory are not being loaded - some smaller than the above and some bigger:
    ...\Female Vocal\Cowboy Junkies\Studio Selected Studio Recordings 1986-1995\Cowboy Junkies - Studio Selected Studio Recordings 1986-1995 - 01.02 - Misguided Angel.flac
    ...\Female Vocal\Shelby Lynne\Suit Yourself\Shelby Lynne - Suit Yourself - 01.08 - Johnny Met June.flac

  4. I have rebooted the Roon NUC. I have not rebooted the NAS, nor the network switch and central router.

Again, thank you for your assistance - it is much appreciated.

Hi Peter,

FYI, just a fellow user, not official Roon support.

That is probably the source of the issue. When you moved the files, did the play counts and edits stay?

Then double thanks, Daniel!
I do not know what play counts and edits are :frowning:
It is not something that I am interested in knowing about, either!

The NAS already had all the directory and file structure. I went into the Roon app and pointed it to a new Storage address on the NAS and removed the old Storage address from the USB drive.

I have since made multiple attempts to rescan the new Storage on the NAS. All the music files are there and show up correctly in Roon, but not the remaining playlists. For some reason one playlist is there intact, but not the others though you can see in my original post that they appear to have the same relative addressing.

A puzzle…

You should have just Edited the old storage location to point to the new one. By putting the files in a new location without disabling the old location first, Roon is probably now treating all those files as new.

Have a read of this, it might help…

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