Roon Playlist View Options


I’m in the Roon trial. In the Roon playlists imported from iTunes, I only see a “song” view option. Meaning there is a giant list of individual tracks. They can be sorted by artist, album, etc, but remain a giant list of “song view” tracks.

Does Roon offer artist or album view, like iTunes? Amarra, Audirvana +, JRiver, etc all have this feature.

I find Roon’s seemingly “song view” only presentation tedious an inefficient for navigating a large playlist.

Tips welcome!


We don’t currently have a way to view Playlists by anything other than tracks, since playlists are basically lists of tracks. It’s not to say that we couldn’t do something here, but for the moment we don’t give you a way to view the albums or artists contained within the playlist.

What might help here is our Tags feature – unlike playlists, Tags can contain almost anything in Roon: Tracks, Artists, Albums, Genres, etc.

I would give that a try and see if it’s closer to what you’re looking for.

John check out this tread:

In ‘Focus’ you could select on any criteria you would like.

That’s unfortunate! Sometimes I just want to browse a playlist and pick a CD. I don’t know what I want going in, just flick through until something grabs me. With your “tracks only view” mode, its tedious to scroll through so many songs. Album view is more efficient, and Artist view is yet more efficient for scrolling.

You provide these sorts of views in your non playlist mode.

I highly recommend you add this basic function. I actually may not buy Roon because of it!

Thanks, I’ll give it try. Its still not the same as being able to easily alter how a playlist is displayed. I often go by inspiration of the moment, not sure what I want to listen to. I have large playlists from iTunes that I scroll through and pick something that “speaks” to me.

Tags are contrary to that spirit of adventure. If I don’t know what I want to listen to, a tag is not helpful…

I favourite tracks as I go then if I need inspiration I go to TRACKS, select the HEART favourite symbol and hit shuffle.
This gives me Music I know I’ll like, but you also get a list to browse.
Don’t forget the Discover feature for inspiration.

Thanks Chris, I do appreciate those qualities of Roon. Its just that for as long as there’s been digital music, I’ve viewed playlists primarily in artist or album mode. I’m unclear why Roon does not offer this simple and useful feature.

There has been a few threads on this. Roon don’t do file lists as they develope a new way to interact with music and the change takes getting used to for people so familiar with the traditional way.
They express their reasons so much better than I can.

This thread may be of interest.

Thanks for the article. I think I’m referring to something a little different.

Roon does utilize artist and album view modes in its overall system. It just excludes those view options from playlists. That’s different than how folder structures are organized.

I think Roon assumes that everyone uses playlists to compile a group of tracks. I mostly use playlists to compile groups of whole CD’s. So Roon’s insistence on track view only for playlists is bothersome to say the least! Would be nice if Roon provided this very basic functionality - the ability to choose how one views a playlist.

I’m merely asking Roon to do something it already does everywhere except in playlists…

Great, the ROON read these threads and so you never know how things will develope.

I hope they do consider the feedback!

There’s much to like about Roon. The Discover feature is fantastic. Roon is expertly programmed.

But Roon is poorly thought out when it comes to manually browsing. For just scrolling through the library or playlist. The lack of having artist sub folders which then contain their CD’s, is super super inefficient for scrolling. It makes one scroll through tons more then is necessary.

Seems simply enough to provide an option for legit album and artist views throughout the entire system. Let people choose which they prefer.

The manual scrolling limitations inherent to Roon will likely lead me not to purchase, it drives me crazy. Even though I really appreciate everything else Roon does.