Roon playlists and shuffle repeating tracks consecutively

I am experiencing an issue where I choose a Roon Genre or Artist radio to shuffle, and Roon will play a track, and then automatically restart that track again before it moves on to the next one. it says “1 of 2” or “2 of 2” in the window for the track when this is happening.

I see people posting about Roon shuffle favoring certain tracks, but nothing about it re-playing the same track immediately.

even if I have duplicates in the library, shouldn’t shuffle avoid this type of behavior?

(running the latest version of Roon on OSX on a 2015 iMac, all music stored in a local folder, ~50k tracks)

I had the same issue yesterday.

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Hey @Matt_Cuttler and @topper,

For one of the duplicate tracks, could you post a screenshot of the album? I’m wondering if the album has duplicate tracks as a work.

Cheers, Greg

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