Roon playlists to streaming platforms?

I would like to be able to run a function on a Roon playlist to give me the matches of the tracks on a chosen streaming platform.

Some form of matching is currently done within the Versions tab, so I wonder if the process that runs for this could be employed in the usecase I am asking about?

For example, I might have a Roon playlist with a mix of local and TIDAL tracks. I would like to get a playlist with the corresponding matches from Qobuz.

Nada? Silencio absoluto!

Soundiiz website converts playlist between steaming plataforma. This should help you!!

This sounds like a great way to get remote playback of one’s library: make a playlist of the whole library and use Soundiiz to play it on whatever streaming service you want. I wonder if there is a track number limit to playlists in either Soundiiz or at the individual streaming services?

Thx, but that is not what I am asking here. I can easily convert playlists that are in one streaming platform to another. What I am asking is how to convert Roon-based playlists to a streaming platform.

I looked at the Soundiiz website, and it looks like you could export your Roon playlist to at least a couple of files (Excel or CSV) and then use Soundiiz to export the file to your streaming platform.

Two things:

1- Soundiiz can use a CSV file.
Correct, that is possible. I tried this and it didn’t work for me (some known matches should have been found but were not). So at a minimum I would like the export functionality in Roon to provide a file that works with Soundiiz.

2- Track matching
There’s clearly some form of matching code that Roon runs to provide the Versions of various albums. The subject of this post is to ask them to expand the utility of such code to allow us to find matches to songs in playlists, on demand. I do not care about the performance of the service (ie whether it’s slow) but rather that I can run it when I need to.

Makes sense?

I know it doesn’t give you an immediate solution but it might be worth sending soundiiz an email as they seem to want to add as many music platforms as possible so I’m sure they would add Roon if they could.

I don’t think Roon could be added in the same fashion as the streaming platforms - it is a different thing altogether.

However, I could send them a sample of an Excel export to see if they can make their import engine understand it better.