Roon plays music with interrupt once in a while with Chord Poly + DSD upsampling to 128

Dear @Support:

I have Roon playing music with Chord Poly upsampling to DSD 128 and I encountered problem that music was interrupted with a short pause once in a while which is rather annoying.

Can you help to fix this issue?

If I used PCM then I have no issue. However, I think DSD sounds nicer.

My configuration:

  1. Windows 10 on Surface book 2 - core.
  2. Chord Poly with latest firmware.

running over simple network Netgear Nighthawk.

P.S I read somewhere that somebody already had this issue but then that person purchase different DAC to solve this. I actually like to keep my Chord Poly + Mojo.

Kind regards,

Phong Nguyen.

The Poly, like the 2Go, has a fairly craptacular Wi-Fi chipset. As you increase data rates, it will increasingly have network delivery problems. DSD128 is increasing the data rate.

Also, Chrod DACs essentially convert DSD back to PCM to feed into their custom FPGA algorithm, which then does its own form of upsampling. So you are probably best sending music to it in its native origin format, not upsampled, and let the Chord FPGA do the Chord magic.


Hi @Thanh_Phong_Nguyen,

Does this issue only occur when the Poly is running over WiFi?
If you try to plug it in to your Core via USB, do you notice this issue?

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