Roon Plays wrong track in album

I’m having a problem with Roon, I don’t think it’s a hardware issue, but a software one.

I’ll select an album though the app on my iPhone, Roon, for example track 1, it shows as playing track 1, but is in fact playing track 5.

It also does it when playing the same album and track, if you select the tidal version.

Hi, is this just for one album (if so could your share which one, maybe post a Tidal link) or does it happen for any album?

Hi it’s not generally one album, but it’s definitely not a hardware issue, I came to that conclusion as it does it when playing the tidal version of the track through Roon also.

The album I’m playing is Big Lad In the Windmill, artist is It Bites

Hi @Rudi_Golba,

Do you have Shuffle enabled on the Queue screen?

Hi Dylan,

No I don’t, I also have disabled Roon Radio

Hi @Rudi_Golba,

Thanks for confirming. Is there any change if you use a different remote device?

Is it happening for only TIDAL content or local as well?

Did this work for you previously? Did you change anything in your setup around the time this started?

Hi Dylan,

It doesn’t do it in the tidal app, only the Roon one.

Must be a bug in the iOS software.

Not just one album, it does it with otter albums to.

Even with the new software and App software, this problem is still occurring, it’s so annoying.

Hi @Rudi_Golba,

Can you share a video of what you’re seeing?

I don’t know how a video can be any benefits, roon shows it’s playing track 3, but is in fact playing track 1

Hi @Rudi_Golba,

If not a video, some screenshots might also be helpful here. Anything that might help us understand why this is happening or possibly reproduce the issue on our end will help us to find the solution for your issue.

The tracks circled in red are the actual tracks being played, but as you see it’s not the track I selected, you’ll see from the meter display next to the numbers track that is the one I selected.

It’s not Roon. Allmusic’s metadata is wrong. The album should start with “I got you eating out of my hand”.

So a quick and dirty solution might be to make the album unrecognized.
Edit > Identify Album > (Here you might check first if there is a matching version available and choose that instead) None of these look right > None of these look right

It also does it in tidal, but when played from tidal
It’s normal.

While I don’t understand what you are trying to tell us with that statement, I would assume that Tidal’s metadata is correct for the track order of the version of the album they stream (which doesn’t have to match the track order of other versions of the album from other sources).

Yes the tidal version when playing from the tidal
App plays the correct track selected, however when in the Roon App, it makes no difference if you play the tidal version or the CD version through the room app, the track selected is not the track it chooses to play.

The tracks are being labelled incorrectly. Even though Tidal must have the correct labels, by the time Roon has processed them, they look like this

Note the length - it’s the correct length for Wanna Shout, not Eating out etc. It is associated with the wrong audio data.
Unidentifying doesn’t help because the labelling has already gone wrong.

It can be fixed manually but it is a pain.
Best to let @dylan sort it

So I take it, you’ve tried it and had the same results?