Roon Positivity (for a change)

Felt the need to post a few initial observations after using Roon for a couple of months:

  1. I love it’s ability to seamlessly meld my collection (c.10K lossless albums) with Tidal and display interesting meta data
  2. It was installed really easily on my headless Mac mini - no stress, negligible CPU load and stable. The Mac also runs Plex for two houses
  3. I like its tight integration with my NAIM Atom and how easily it and Roipee play together for additional endpoints around the house
  4. I like that pretty much any device I own can be used as a remote laptop, iPads, phones - is the UI/UX perfect on each of these? no - but its close
  5. I love its ability to distribute and control music to multiple different systems I use as endpoints, airplay, NAIM, Roipee, Sonos and across ethernet and WiFi
  6. For approx £10 per month (albeit on top of tidal fees) I view it as excellent value for money, particularly as it is so actively developed

Its not perfect, no - nothing is, but conceptually its on its own (IMO) and it is very well executed (again IMO) particularly for such a complex and 3rd party dependant solution.

I’m sure something will go horribly wrong at some point - but I’m also sure that the Roon guys and this community will be there to help

so… thanks to Roon and to the constructive advice presented in this forum


Welcome to the forum @oobaa. Hope you continue to enjoy Roon. It’s an excellent music delivery program and keeps getting better.


Nice to see some positivity for a change, but as the primary focus is as a support forum the bulk of most things here is about things being broken or not working right.

Considering the plethora of systems out there roon is doing a great job to maintain being able to find and play to so many disparate pieces of hardware/software is often (to me at least) that it can work at all never mind as well as it does.

I’ve met some nice people on the forum too, and some of them nearby to me and others far away that I helped even face to face (far away by remote video calls) so it’s expanded not only my musical enjoyment but my social circle too.

Just don’t forget the main purpose of roon…to allow us to enjoy the music :smiley: