Roon Preacquisition (with Auralic Mini) Question

Never used Roon - hence these newb questions (I did read most of the How to Use stuff).
Current configuration:
Auralic Aries Mini with built-in hard drive and linear power supply.
I use the internal DAC and output via analog to AV receiver.
iPad 2 running Lightning DS. All files are FLAC, about half are Hi Res (96/24 to DSD64).
This system sounds great and runs fine, but I do like the Roon interface.
I also have an iMac Late 2015 with 16GB RAM.
Auralic assures me that the Mini is Roon ready now with the Beta and with the next version.

I was wondering what additional “things” I will need to use Roon.
Obviously, I will have to run Roon on the Mac.
Will Roon recognize the internal drive of the Mini?
Will control still work with the iPad.

It sounds like you have all the hardware you need for one zone, with one caveat: You just need to make sure that your iPad model is capable of running Roon Remote.

Either your iMac or the Mac mini (I’d go with the Mac mini) should be fine for running Roon or Roon Server as the Roon core, and your Aries Mini should be fine as an endpoint. Roon will recognize one or more folders on either or both Macs’ internal or external drives. I’m not sure about the internal drive on the Aries, but either someone else here will know, or you can check with Auralic.

Edit: I did some quick research on the “Roon Readiness” of the Aries Mini, and it’s unclear to me that it’s all the way there as a Roon endpoint. In your position, I’d get some assurance from a trusted source, or better yet, a demo at an Auralic dealer, to show that the Mini is usable as an endpoint before proceeding on the assumption that it is. (Or you could just start in on the Roon trial and see if the Aries Mini works.)

I pad 2 won’t work. iPad Air 2 should I believe

David and Chris,
Thanks for your replies.

My bad - it’s an iPad mini 2.
Should work, right?

I’ve talked to CS at Auralic a lot and they assure me Roon is there in the beta.
Never like betas - made my career by living on them. I’ll wait for the official version.
Thanks for your help.

Yup. :slight_smile: