Roon price / performance / issues / satisfactions

Hello roon,

On my new Amp I found a roon tested badge, well today I’ve spare time to give it a try…

After few hours of trying, well I’ve a mac catalina, lots of memory, lot of processor power, with tidal app, and some file on my music library that play worse than TIDAL cause’mp3 …

Issue found:

  • Imited TIDAL experience, with tidal app I find music and video easily…
  • roon play music with same quality (not perceived) in the reality looking at signal with a spectrum analyzer…
  • roon dsp is poor and after 2 minute of play of mqa / DSD256 high quality files some error occur
    then sound start to get crazy, then roon says the stream was slowed down and stop playing.
  • how I can delete / add a song to my tidal playlist ?
  • integration with lossy radio station ? better not speak…
  • Italian radio station: in total 4 ??? no use, even to listen the news…

Good points:

  • fancy info… is like having Wikipedia (E)
  • fancy photos
  • fancy text of song, let’s karaoke ?
  • fancy flowchart of music stream transport bla bla bla
  • plays music !!!

Paying for a player with such functions for me is insane, 100$ for year ? crazy,
I’m developing software for a company worldwide, and seeing such thing is
disgusting, If I pay I want it runnig perfecty, no error, no issue, better than everything else.

I start remove the roon badge adhesive from my new amplifier it work the same without it !
Amp now it’s cooler without advertising over it !

That’s all, my period of roon test finish today without other words.

I shan’t waste any time then asking about your setup then seeing as you have written roon off so quickly. Better go develop your own music library application with multiple endpoint streaming etc I guess. Will you make it for free of course?

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Why are you engaging him? Let it go. There will always be those that get Roon and those that don’t.


To a certain degree, but fixing it wouldn’t bring this person back. After all he has removed his Roon sticker so there is no return!

Addressing the actual issue, what does Roon do? Translate or try to find a source of reviews in different languages?

Roon works perfectly for me.