Roon prioritizing streaming content for inactive account [Answered - Remove inactive streaming accounts from Settings > Services]


Struggling with the lack of emphasis on my local library. Or my ability to find how this is set.

Since this latest upgrade. It seems that I am unable to use Roon radio with my local library which I did easily prior. Tidal seems to throw in tracks that I don’t have anymore.

Plus daily mixes, suggestions, etc just show Tidal or Qobuz. Both now I am not subscribed to.

Hope there is a solution to this issue moving forward.

Thanks. Andrew

On the queue screen, select the top three dot menu and select limit roon radio to library.
Daily playlists are specifically outside of your library.

Thanks for the reply. The local library is selected.

Problem is the queue comes up with Tidal tracks, then has to skip. Plus some of the Tidal songs are ones I already have in my library. These are skipped as they are not available as well. Confusing.

Plus. If, from the home screen I search for UFO. The result defaults to Popular. Not useful for me. Is there a setting to show my library first?

Then, Doing the same search for “Kiss”. (on my iPhone) I scroll past the popular (Tidal) tracks to “albums in my Library” which also include Tidal Albums again.

BTW I do like Tidal and subscribe for period. But prefer my own library at times.


I’m not sure what you mean by tracks skipped, do you mean they won’t play?

Hi Ged?

Correct they won’t play.

…The next song in Roon Radio could be a Tidal track, As it can’t be found, no Tidal subscription, however, I do have some of those same songs in my local library. So skipping of these Tidal tracks occurs where it should revert to the local but same track. I suppose the toggle in Roon Radio, queue for local library only, is not working properly most times. It prefers Tidal even though my subscription expired.

Hope that is clearer. Regards, Andrew

Roon by default prefers streaming content over local content - my guess is because they’ve not done any track level equivalencing between local content and streamed content.

Nope, Roon does the thinking for you and presents music as they believe you should see it. Your needs are not Roon’s concern…it’s their way or the highway.

Even though you are no longer subscribing to Tidal and Qobuz, do you still have the integrations with them enabled in Roon? If so, you should logout from these services to remove the integrations.

It does mean that you will no longer receive Daily Mixes and New Releases For You - because these require integration with a streaming service.

Roon won’t substitute a local for a tidal track. If it thinks you have tidal then it will attempt to play it.

Are there any Tidal tracks that were added to your library and now show as “unavailable”? In so, via Focus, find them, then delete them. I had to do that when I dropped Tidal.

Ok, thankful for the replies. I’ll delete the Tidal albums and see how I go. Perhaps even delete the login from Roon. I’ll also try focus to list the Tidall Albums added to my library.

FYI. I duplicated some of my own library in Tidal so that I could play tracks on the road. Seems only since the new upgrade that problems started to materialise with the local library function in Roon Radio.

Lastly, would be great if Roon had an “on the move” or remote option.

Thanks, All.

Hi @Andrew_PM

As mentioned above, Roon will definitely try using TIDAL/Qobuz if you have an account integrated, regardless of whether or not it is active. The best option is to go to Settings > Service and remove any inactive accounts.

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