Roon Problem: the computer suddenly turns you off

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I noticed (it’s hard not to notice how the computer suddenly turns you off) that once a day or even more often, something strange happens to my Mac Book Pro, which controls the roon - but it is not roon core - this is on a separate device on Linux. Namely - suddenly without a reason the computer is restarting, due to a mistake which for me is illegible - I am including the print screen. am I doing something wrong? a few times it happened also on the other of my MACs - this time on IMAC - both, the behavior was the same. Is this problem known to you?

Kernel panic. Kernel panic will always shut down a machine.

Trouble deep in the most basic of the macOS routines, but why?

Looks like a wait (on a resource?) was issued and found to be invalid, but why?

I know that doesn’t help, so I’m tagging @support.

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My guess is an underlying hardware issue beginning to manifest.

The only time I’ve experienced kernel panic was when a necessary file was missing at startup.

I suppose, if no one else at Roon has an answer, @Piotr_Welc could always try reinstalling Roon on that machine. Since not the core, it shouldn’t be too much hassle.


I will try to reinstalling ROON - thanks @xxx

Looks like a hardware fault to me. If this were a PC I’d suggest swapping out RAM modules one by one.

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A hardware problem on two separate machines? I guess it’s possible, depending on their ages. Maybe the OP is mis-remembering?

This is what puzzles me. I agree that having the same hardware fault on two different computers are unlikely. I also agree that your suggestion of reinstalling is good, as a first step.

From a problem solving perspective, I think we can propose different possibilities. Hopefully one by one the incorrect ones are eliminated, leading to a final solution.

If this were two different PCs on his network, I suggest he had a virus.

Who knows, maybe we’ll find out.:sunglasses:

Hi @Piotr_Welc ---- I wanted to touch base with you to see if any new observations or progress has been made with the advice given by our other Roon users (Thank again everyone :clap:)

Please let me know and if further assistance is required I will be glad to lend hand/advise accordingly.


I have reinstalled ROON on the Macbook Pro - and so far - it has only been rebooted once - during the first night - so far - peace. I keep watching - and let everyone know if it helped permanently. Anyway - talk you guys !

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