Roon problem with 2 things

Hi, I had to perform a System Restore on my laptop and install ROON. Now have 2 problems. Problem # 1: If I want to add a song or album to my existing “playlists” it will no longer find them. Problem 2: I used to have the choice between WASAPI and ASIO when setting my preference. I can only find wasapi. ASIO is no longer shown or presented? What are the causes of these problems?

Related to ASIO, you will need to install an Asio yourself after your Windows restore.
Either you can download an Asio driver at your equipment (DAC) manufacturer, or you can google and download ASIO4ALL driver.

Cannot help you with your playlist issue.

So they seem to no longer exist. Did you load a backup of Roon after you installed it?

No sir… its too late now?? :frowning:

If you have a backup available from your previous install then you can still use it but then you can’t keep anything new you might have done in your new Roon database. If you don’t have a backup … yes, then it’s probably to late. See also:

How do I make a backup sir?

Click on the link in my reply above and read the documentation about it. You can always return here if you have any specific question about it.

To all the above, I would add that only Roon’s Backup should be used to backup Roon’s library…
An effective Restore is not guaranteed if any other software is used to backup Roon’s library (database)

Roon’s Backup does not backup your music files. You’ll need other software for that…

Yes it is for my playlists in roon sir

Hi @Dries_Verhaeghe,

As mentioned above, you’ll need to restore a backup to retrieve your Roon playlists. If you had made a backup before the System Restore you can restore that backup using the instruction outlined here. If you do not have a prior backup, unfortunately you will not be able to recover your playlists. I definitely recommend scheduling backups moving forward!

True, i do sir thx