Roon Problems? Where do they Originate From

Greetings Music Fans,

I’m curious to know whether folks who have trouble with Roon have certain types of set-ups. Can we generalize like that? I have a Nucleus that feeds my streamer, that feeds my DAC, that feeds my preamp, that feeds my amp, that feeds my speakers, that feeds my pleasure. I never run into any Roon Problems. Never. My hypothesis is that folks who run Roon from the computers or use the whole strawberry thing (Don’t understand that at all) might be running in to more problems than folks like me that strictly use Roon in an audio set up.


PS: Love my Nucleus with an internal SSD holding all my ripped and downloaded music.

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Network handling.
What is the purpose of this post?..

What is the purpose of your post and why does it matter what the purpose of the thread is?

Run several endpoints from a Mac mini and power lines. I’m not sure if you are saying it shouldn’t work, a lot of people don’t recommend them, but they have performed perfectly.

Seriously people? Is it not inherently obvious why I posted this thread and why it matters? I posted because many folks / user posting here outline their issues / problems, and I think there is a value to Roon users to have a better understanding of where other Roon users are running into issues. Exposure of the dominate causes of Roon problems can only help users to not run into the same problems. What is difficult to understand about that?

Daniel, you obviously understand the reason for the post, because you answered it straight away. And a good answer. Perhaps some good advice to potential Roon users is that they make sure their network capacity and capability is strong enough to handle Roon and the transfer of HiRez files. Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?

A lot of problems are network related. Most of mine disappeared when I was supplied with a new modem by my telecommunications company.

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Peter, I agree.
Simple is the key (as well as a good internet connection, and ethernet of course) I have a very similar setup, but NUC to DAC to headphone amp. I have a 2nd endpoint which is my work notebook with a simple dac/headphone amp.
Never a problem.

Well, the question is: should we?

Roonlabs could - they probably have appropriate data and statistics based on this data. They may even use this data to plan future development activities. And what’s officially recommended and supportd is to be found in the knowledge base, hopefully.

But any second guessing what works and what not done by users doesn’t really help, imo. Because for every example of “doesn’t work” there seems to be a counter example: “fine here”.

So: I’d think we (the application users and mere mortals) should not generalize.

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I think you make a great point(s). Likely there are plenty of threads about problems already, and we can only assume that Roonlabs does have this data sorted, collated and analyzed. Not sure they would present it to users in a format that is helpful to us, without potentially exposing weaknesses in their system & software. But if this thread does one thing, for example, like telling folks to make sure they have their network connectivity and speeds secured before installing Roon it might be a good community service.

As I said before, I love my Roon Nucleus. Anything I can do to help others achieve that same level of satisfaction would provide me great satisfaction.