Roon problems with QNAP TS-873 after updating

Today I have updated my QNAP TS-873 to the new version and something strange has happened (although it is not the first time).

Roon would not start. I have two SSDs of 2Tb each and I have noticed that Roon was looking for the database in which he does not have it. I have selected the correct disk in the QNAP App and it has started.
The problem is that when the Roon app was started on the computer, Roon identified the two disks in reverse. I have selected them correctly and Roon has started adding the discs to the app, with the consequent time that that takes, almost an hour because my library is extensive. Consequently, the date of recently added discs, etc., has changed.

Can you tell me why what happened? It’s either QNAP or Roon’s fault.

Thank you

(Sorry for my english)

Hi @J.A
Where is your Roon Database stored? On an internal volume or on a USB connected device?

In an external volume SSD connected by USB so that it goes faster.

Now I was looking at the ARTISTS screens and everything has changed from how it was before, destroying all my work.
What a disaster and waste of time!

Please tell me how I can fix it so it doesn’t happen again (if possible).
Thank you.

Is Roon core installed as docker container app?

Excuse me, I don’t quite understand what you are asking.
The Roon app is installed inside the QNAP RAID. I think it cannot be installed on an external device.

I do not have QNAP device, but certain rules apply in this setup too.
How did you install Roon core? Did you do it youself, downloaded file form Roon website and installed on QNAP or did you installed directly through QNAP available apps?

This model QNAP TS-873 has integrated Docker virtualization according to QNAP website. Once an app is installed it operates independently from QNAP operating system. Either way, selecting disk in different order will not cause any problems for existing database. Based on what you have described, your database was overwritten. What happened exactly? I’m not sure, but it is very likely that after QNAP update, QNAP drive mapping (paths) have changed. Hence, Roon core which monitors these paths, deleted missing items. I hope you have backups of your database.

I followed their advice. However, the inclusion of many disks failed.
It is clear that you cannot make movements from one disk to another in the library or changes.
In addition, the access speed to song playback, disc selection, etc., is very slow, something that I do not understand if I am using two SSD disks.
I do not want excuses and to throw the tops to the QNAP 873, since it has a powerful processor.

As I’ve always said, I think the slowness lies in the resources that Roon uses to use it.