Roon produces a continuous heavy distorted sound/noise when playing 88.2/24 and 192/24 files


This problem started 2 days ago. Every time I try to play 88.2/24 and 192/24 files from Roon, I get this very heavy distorted sound that does not go away, unless if and only if I start playing a 44.1/16 file.

44.1/16 , 48/24 and 96/24 files play just fine via Roon, although I sometimes face the same problem with 96/24. I tried this with the vast majority of files in my library, as well as via Tidal.

My setup is simple:
Intel NUC 10i3FNHN2 (with Roon Rock) + 2 TB external HDD
Metronome DSS Network player (Roon Ready)
Musical Fidelity M6x DAC (Roon Ready)
EAR HP4 Headphone Amp
All cables are of relatively high quality

When I use mConnect instead of Roon, everything is just fine. When using Roon, my DAC does not synchronize to 88.2/24 and 192/24 files. So definitely there is no hardware issue.

Everything points out there is an issue with Roon (I repeat, there was no issue until 2 days ago).

I reinstalled Roon software on my Intel NUC with no positive effect and restored all settings to default

Is anyone else experiencing a similar problem? Please help if you know the answer.

Thanks in Advance

Have you restarted everything since the last update?

Yes, at least 5 times. And when I check it says I have the latest versions installed.

Do you have a PC or MAC that you could “temporarily” move your core and problem files or the external HDD to for testing?
Just to see if it is indeed Roon/ROCK issue and not a hardware issue (either the NUC, cables, or the HDD)…

So yes, indeed I changed the core from the Intel with Roon Rock to my laptop, and everything seems to work just fine.

This tells there must be an issue with my Roon Rock Intel Core.

But I do not understand what the problem is. I bought this Intel NUC about 3 months ago.

There shouldnt be a problem with this HDD, since I get the same problem with streaming.

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Does this happen with all your endpoints? Like if you played from the NUC/ROCK to your PC/MAC as an endpoint using the computer soundcard/speakers or your phone as an endpoint?

When I used mConnect instead of Roon everything is fine.

When I use my laptop as a Roon core everything is fine as well.

So as far as I understand there is something wrong with the Intel Nuc that runs Roon Rock or with Rock itself.

If Intel Nuc had a hardware issue, it shouldnt be playing any format, but it has no problem playing 44.1 and 96 kHz files. The problem appears only when playing 88.2 and 192 kHz files.

So I guess this must be a Roon Rock thing. I noticed that my Core’s IP address changed also. Do you thing these two can be related?

The NUC fan can get clogged with dust leading to processor overheating, which causes it to throttle computation, which would be more noticeable at higher data rates.

I would look in the WebUI and see how long its been running, it might tell you (or give you an indication) if it restarted recently?
You also might try re-installing the Os from the WebUI:

Hey @Ioannis_Seraskeris,

I wanted to follow up on this thread to see if you were still running into playback issues? As @bearFNF mentioned, it would be good to take a look at the webUI of your ROCK for additional information. If you could share a screenshot, that would be helpful.

Is your system running on the same subnet?

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