Roon program on Windows 11 continuously shuts down (ref#F7LPN8)

Affected Product


Description of Issue

I cannot open roon program on Window 11, it’s always shutdown

Roon Server Platform


Roon Server Specifications

Dell laptop, intel core i5, ram 8G, Window11

Connected Audio Devices

I use this roon window for remote, the roon core is running in another NUC which work well (i use roon app on mobile has no problem).

Home Network Details



That wasn’t a screenshot you included in your post - it was an Event Viewer log.

And filtering for Errors in the log, there are a lot of failures for other applications (Excel, Notes, Teams, Chrome, etc.) - but I don’t see one for Roon.

You may want to check for problems in your Windows setup first.

Already fixed it by update NVIDIA driver.

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