Roon, PS Audio, Small Green Computer not working

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In need of help I own a bar in Santa Monic called the Bungalow and we us Roon to play our music and Roon is stopping and starting it happen over 10 times last night, I was on with Andrew from SGC today trying to fix this problem. we used Roon for over 2 years with very little problems. I added an SGC server a few days ago and we use PS audio DS DAC

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I’m using the same system in my house and having the same problem this is very new.

Brent Bolthouse

I am using sonicTransporter i5, Roon, and a PS Audio DirectStream DAC (Bridge II card) with no problems as long as I make sure the DAC is set MCA Decoder only.

What is your complete setup?

thanks, I have never had to do any set up on the DAC where do I find the settings to switch to MCA?

Very cool bar! Could use a few more pics of HB.

In Roon, click on the Volume icon (bottom right), then on the Gear icon. Click Device Setup at the bottom of the screen that opened.

Top option, set MQA Capabilities to ‘Decoder Only’. Click Save.

A firmware update is needed from the people that make the Bridge II card inside the DirectStream. This will work around the issue and still sound fantastic!

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OK i did that and will see if that helps thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks @Larry_Post testing this set up at home and as of now tracks are playing and not shutting off, keep our fingers crossed. I’m going to let it run all night and if it works sit it at the Bars and hope for the best :slight_smile:


You should be good to go. I’ve been running this way since Roon released 1.5 and experienced the problem, no issues in decoder-only mode going on 2 weeks.


What am I? Chopped liver??

haha so sorry for not tagging you in my first reply on this thread that was to you, I’m new to this form and have only used it a few times :slight_smile: @Speed_Racer I’m very grateful

I was just yanking your chain. I just hope your issue is resolved!

Hey @brent_Bolthouse — Thanks for sharing your report with us, it’s always appreciated!

I just wanted to check in and make sure that everything is up and running for you. If you need any other assistance just let us know!


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thank you @dylan this seemed to do the trick. Home system 20 hour and still playing and both bars all day not a problem…


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