Roon + QNAP NAS - constant dropping and rescanning of files [Fixed]

Crashing has reduced significantly with no network configuration change. I tried a straight ethernet connection to the server for a few days with only one crash but wife made me take it away. Since then, I have only had another crash.

However, I note that Roon is constantly dropping files, rescanning, finding them and then dropping them again. It normally get to about 50k tracks, drops down to about 20k and then build up again just to drop again.

See for most recent logs after a drop to 18k.


Hi @thomasdgray ---- Thank you for the update and sharing the results of testing without the homeplug in the line chain communication.

In regard to this most recent observation, can you provide some insight into when this start occurring? Was it present when you had removed the home plugs or after?


Both. It has happened occasionally in the past - both on Mac and PC - normally as a result of a crash and restart. But, at the moment, I haven’t had a crash in about a week but it has dropped and rediscovered files about 3 times in that period.

Hi @thomasdgray ----- Thank you for the feedback and sharing your observations with us. Both are appreciated. My apologies for the wait here.

Moving forward may I ask you to please provide a screenshot of your “storage” tab in Roon so we can see how you are accessing the NAS from the application and ask you to verify what SMB version you are using.


To update you on this, I did some searching and found a huge number of duplicate folders (as a result of some silly backup restoring) and have cleared these out. Crashing seemed to have stopped by Roon is still constantly dropping and re-scanning.

To simplify things, I have bought a pindrop NUCesque device and have seated this behind the same switch as the NAS. I restored a “good” backup and am experiencing the same thing. I’m now going to try and use a clean library and start the import again. Before I do this, I am gong to try and clean up my files as best I can. I know that there are some with strange characters and will try and weed these out. Likewise, try to identify any corrupt files (using your size guidelines). If anyone has created a utility to scan for likely troublesome files, that would be useful.

I suspect that the problem is likely some bad files/directories.

In Roon, from the “hamburger,” Tracks > Focus > Inspector > Corrupt.


Can we close this off, please? I picked up a NUC, reinstalled and rebuilt the library from scratch (connecting directly to the NAS). For the past 3 weeks everything has been rock solid. So, I suspect there was some crud in the database after the silly duplication of files.

Apologies for causing any hassle.

My Roon experience is magnificent again.


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