Roon, Qobuz and rips: 2 questions

Can anyone tell me what happens when I add an album on Qobuz to the library then decide that I like it so much so buy the CD and rip it and add the rip to the Roon library. Do I then end up with two copies of the same album and do I have to manually delete the Qobuz album?

A related question is what happens when I add a Qobuz album to the Roon library. Does it just save a link or does it actually download the music?

Usually Roon will defer to the ripped version and keep the streaming one in the versions tab.

Adding a Qobuz album through Roon does not download the music.

Thanks. That means I should delete the Qobuz version in order to avoid confusion.

If I do as you have indicated (I use Tidal) and list my albums by date imported I get two different entries for the album. So once ripped and imported I delete the streaming version.

If you search by artist you’ll likely only see the ripped version, unless they are somehow different (like one has bonus tracks, for instance). You can also hide the Qobuz version in Roon if you still want it in your library on the Qobuz app.

It is taking up space in your database. There isn’t any point in having it there unless you intend to choose it over your ripped version. So possibly different track listings or and enhanced version (HD or MQA) might make it compelling. But otherwise just get rid.

Yes, after purchasing albums, I remove them as favorites in Qobuz. Makes life cleaner.