Roon / Qobuz and Sonos S1

Can you please tell me if I can use Roon and Qobuz with my early Sonus S1 set up. Thanks

Yes you can.

Thanks. I was concerned that it was so old that it wouldn’t work. I know it will work with the S2 connect but I was concerned about S1

You just won’t get 24bit only 16bit on S1, everything else should work the same.


Would this be my Roon core ? If so then the app can’t find the S1 system.

I haven’t taken out a subscription yet, just loaded the app

What do you mean by this?

I have really old Sonos kit z80 and s1 and it works fine.

Loaded the app on what? You need to have a Roon installed on a computer or Nas running the server app. This is then configured to see your local music store and add services and audio devices, the app for iOS and Android is a remote only it won’t work with out a core setup.

I suggest you read the FAQ and Knowledgbase of how Roon works.