Roon & Qobuz - Error loading page [Resolved - Google DNS]

Core Machine

Samsung 970 EVO Plus, 250 Go, SSD
Crucial 8Go DDR-2400
OS : Version 1.0 (build 227) stable
Server : Version 1.8 (build 795) stable

Network Details

Full Ubiquiti Unifi Network
Switch USW-Pro-48 POE
Switch Aggregation 10gbps (NAS servers)
DNS Server based on Adguard
Internet line : 300 mbps fiber

Audio Devices

Main : NAD M17v2
Airplay devices
Sonos Devices

Library Size

15,000 tracks
Hosted on a full SSD NAS + 10gbps network

Description of Issue

Play of local files works perfectly.
I get “Erorr loading page - please refresh” on the home page and even more on the one of Qobuz. This is mainly disturbing control. Same issue on both ipadOS controller and macOs controller. The browsing is really difficult as Qobuz pages makes erratic & incomplete refresh.

If a Qobuz file is launched, buffering is quite long (5-10 seconds) but it plays normaly.

Hi @Ludovic_Van_Leendert

The first thing I notice is that you’re using a managed switch, which we typically recommend against, as noted in our Networking Guide. We do have some recommended setting adjustments listed there that might help.

I enabled diagnostics so I could take a closer look at what might be happening here, and I’m seeing a lot of DNS errors when trying to communicate with Qobuz. Can you try using Google or Cloudflare DNS? We’ve seen this help in the past.

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If well configurated, managed Unifi USW-Pro is not a problem. It works perfectly fine.

Even if configurated with Google DNS and showing anything inside the log, the removal of the AdGuard Home DNS server solved the issue.

DNS inside Unifi (UDM-Pro gateway) is enforced to Google DNS in place of my ISP provider one. With this config, it works fine.

Thanks for support.