Roon/Qobuz issue that just started earlier today

Been listening to music off and on today, and about 4 hours ago, when I go to the “New Releases” tab and “Taste Of Qobuz” tab, I get a “No Results” message on the screen.

The Playlist tab and My Qobuz tabs show albums, and I can search for anything I want, just nothing showing on the other two tabs.

Both my main PC, my laptop and my Raspberry Pi4 all have the latest updates, and I just rebooted everything.

Any thoughts?

I have the same issue :thinking: :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

Same issue here. Qobuz plays albums selected and playlist from the Qobuz tab but like you, no new releases for last few Days.

Seems already raised/ack by Roon. API issue. Selecting genre seems to work ok.

Some of the check boxes work. Jazz displays “No Results”. Others like Latin only show a single album, Folk shows like five.

There’s something definitely fishy going on.

Same here. Tried restarting core, logging out Roon and Qobuz then logging back in.

Qobuz are having an API issue. Other software than roon is also having issues.

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Now fixed.


Yup! It’s definitely fixed!

Thanks to who was involved.

Also, sorry that I didn’t see that other thread first, or I would have posted there instead of making a new thread.

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