Roon + Qobuz performing slow

I too am experiencing slowness, Roon + Qobuz isn’t very usable right now.

For example, playing an album, hit “Next track”, and it may take ~30 seconds before the track starts. In the interim, I’m not seeing high CPU, disk, or any network activity. And then network traffic kicks in, song starts, etc.

Is Qobuz just that slow? Connection to the internet is a gigabit fiber link with low latency.

Roon server is an i3-3220T, running Win10, SSD, dedicated machine. What other info can I provide? The combination of Roon + Qobuz has a lot of potential!

As an example… Look at network activity in Task Mgr. Where it drops to zero is exactly when I hit “next track”. It took ~30 seconds and then you see network traffic return when it starts playing again. In the interim, no disk, CPU, or memory contention.

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My guess is that there is something wrong with how the Qobuz API works in Roon, i.e. how Qobuz answers to requests coming from Roon. I also experience from time to time (in fact quite often) such long delays, mainly after skipping a track or using ‚play now‘ on a newly selected album. However, I do not have such delays in other apps streaming same Qobuz requests. These other apps also access Qobuz through an API from Qobuz. I can guess that Roon uses an extended Qobuz API with more requested metadata than other apps use and this new API is not yet performing well enough with returns speeds less than 1s like I have in other apps.

How is it today? Qobuz are experiencing some issues with DOS attacks, and when that happens things can slow down dramatically.

Not better. Just did the same test with Eminem’s Revivial album. Playing track 2, hit “next” to go to track 3, wait 24 seconds before song starts. Monitoring via taskmgr shows the same symptoms (no CPU, disk, memory contention, no network activity for ~24 seconds).

Disabling Qobuz for now. Navigating / searching / playing are all slowing Roon down to a crawl.

Actually, a reboot completely solved the problem. If it reproduces I’ll try just restarting Roon Server, I’m doubting it was an issue outside of Roon Server.

If you mean this, I confirm that it is a Roon core problem.

Hi @Steven_Hubbell,

Glad to know that things are better for you now! If you see this issue return please let us know!

@dylan - if it happens again is there anything I should collect? (core file, stack traces, any sort of phone-home diagnostics)

Hi @Steven_Hubbell,

If it does occur again, let us know about your current networking setup and we can go from there. Thanks!

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