Roon + Qobuz vs Roon + Tidal streaming quality

Finally it’s here!

My first initial listening test on Norah Jones ‘Comes Fly With Me’ in 24/192k FLAC from Qobuz is beautifully portrayed; her voice and the background musical instruments have a clear defined ‘space’ and have an upper ‘air’ to it that I couldn’t perceive from CD and Tidal Master.

I could say Roon + Qobuz has finally deliver an unadulterated studio recordings all the way to our listening rooms. Listening is simply believing! Bravo!


Yeah, the combination of Roon and Qobuz is great.
ThX boys and girls at Roon!

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For what it’s worth, I read a couple of internet reviews that weren’t keen on Qobuz when compared to Tidal. No idea if they’re accurate… Guess I’ll need to try it out!

I am really glad Qobuz has finally come to Roon. A quick look however, showed me that not all content that is available in is findable in Roon.
Probably this is a matter of time.

With my ears and equipment Qobuz sounds beter.
Less loudness war imo.
I also prefer highres PCM over those MQA rubish.
But yeah let your ears decide!

Almost no 1 is comparing sound quality Tidal vs Qobuz in Roon after 1.6 release! Why? We have to know the winner!!! )))

How can you claim MQA is rubbish when MQA and hires flac both sound good. I have listened to both. They both sound great. Hearing is what matters!

I like the MQA sound better but Qobuz and Tidal both sound great. Use whatever sounds the best to you. No need to have a winner. What sounds best to you. Listen to music!