Roon queue control behaviour [Resolved iOS11 needed to update Roon Remote]

Hi all,

I’ve been confused by the behaviour of the queue in Roon since the last big update, and am hoping someone can help me understand how the controls actually work.

I understand the queue no longer removes tracks once they have been played, but the “play now” and “add next” controls on my system now do exactly the same thing (play the selected track immediately). Surely “play next” should insert the selected track in the queue as the next one to be played, after whatever is currently playing has finished?

The queue also works in the opposite way that I would expect - LIFO not FIFO. Is this really intended? It makes no sense to me. How do I make the queue play in the same order I have added tracks to it? In the previous version, the queue was FIFO.

Another issue is the “radio starts in” timer is always wrong. Even with one track in the queue, the “radio starts in” timer is twice as long as it should be - though radio starts as expected. This really is a minor issue, but just wondering why it is happening. It used to work fine before.



Hi Ben,

It sounds like your remote isn’t running the current version of Roon.

Go to Settings > About (top right of window) and see what version you have. Update it if necessary.

Cheers, Greg

Thank you Greg!

That fixed it - I hadn’t noticed that my version of Roon remote was out of date, because I hadn’t updated to iOS 11. All working now.