Roon quit playing..will not start music after "PLAY NOW"

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I am using Surface Laptop, iPad and iPhone to control Roon
I have a Bluesound node 21

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Last night my Roon just quit playing. I can bypass and stream directly to my Bluesound node with TIDAL, Spotify, or the node software. I reset the node, and it still does not work with TIDAL, my music collection, or internet radio streaming. The “PLAY” button does not start the music. Attached is a screen shot.
Thanks for help with this.

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Kicking an open door maybe but are you sure your music library is accessible? Since other services are working the Node should be fine.
Try restarting your music storage device to see if that helps, I would say, in case you haven’t already of course.

Thank you for responding… I am really stuck. I rest the library but the problemsis with all streaming options is only through Roon (TIDAL, Radio, and my music collection).
More information:

When I play Roon from my iPad and select two zones, iPad and Node, it will start the music and only play sound through the iPad,

When I play Roon only to my Node then the music will not start, although the sound meter is active.
I am attaching screenshot.

Why is roon not talking to my Bluesound Node?

Same issue tonight with my node2i. Works great streaming on my laptop or iphone but not my Node 2i.

My post:

Roon not Playing on Bluesound Node 2i - Support - Roon Labs Community

I do have exactly the same issues with my node but also with other playback options. So nothing is working at the moment. Neither streaming, radio or my own collection…be it on my node, my iPad or anywhere else…

Glad to know it is not just me…misery loves company.

Stuck… Roon not working.

Update: as soon as I start to play from my own library it all starts over again… cannot play anything from roon anymore… So seems to be related with my own library… after I reboot the node 2i it all works again… at least streaming.

Now did not only reboot the roon-core but also - as Waynze suggested in his thread - Node 2i and iPad… and now everything works again… Don‘t know what caused this all though…

My Roon app is choking when streaming music from Tidal. Testing again tonight, it quit streaming music while on Tidal. Again, a node 2i reboot fixes this but it’s annoying.
I was planning on getting a yearly subscription to Roon but this needs to be fixed.

Does Roon look at these posts or is there a process for reporting issues? This does not appear to be a one off.

I have Tidal as well. That works without a problem. Only my own library gives problems…. Then roon hangs and I have to restart my node 2i to make it work again. I think you will have to contact support directly… otherwise this problem persists.

I think the problems have been solved. I did a hard reset of the Bluesound Node 2i and updated the software with the last version. Now is works again. Communication between Roon and Bluesound Node somehow got corrupted.

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions.

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