Roon quits, jumps to next track, again and again. And more

FWIW: Finally got Roon back up and running after deleting it and starting over. It is playing music at two or my four audio systems which is mostly good news.

The other two audio systems are attached to Windows 7 desktop. The primary one is temporarily down due to sound card issues, but the other one I believe just needs a Roon Bridge installed and recognition by Roon to add a third zone to the audio group.

I am assuming adding Bridge software automatically makes this computer a recognized Roon endpoint?

Oherwise, I am experiencing disconcerting behavior in the playback stream as it will suddenly stop and jump to the next track. Or even to a different album. It just did it again as I am writing this. Stopped. One or two second pause. Jumped to the next track. This was in the middle of the album. This has happened twice so far on this album.

Double-checking this behavior: It happens reliably on the first track. After a few seconds of play it will jump to track 2. If I force it to start over, it will repeat the error, playing for a few seconds and them jumping to track 2. But it will also happen randomly while playing an album. I have just let this album continue to track 4 then forced it to restart. Same thing. It plays for a few seconds and jumps to track 2.

It will also jump to a new album. I haven’t yet learned to make a playlist or a queue of albums, so I presume it just jumps to the adjoining album. But it does this rather than stopping, so I am not sure this is normal behavior.

Amending this message to note skipping behavior. In this case it is playing a related album it has chosen on its own. It did a now consistent jump to Track 2 after playing Track 1 for 4-5 seconds or so. It proceeded to do multiple skips on this album, and I notice it has documented the behavior by annotating a track as “1 skipped item”. I would certainly prefer it stopped doing this!

My household has one router, a Netgear Nighthawk R7000. Everything is on the same network. Ethernet cat 6a runs between router and living room audio, managed by a Netgear unmanaged switch with splits to a Naim Uniti Core, Sonic Transporter and Audio Alchemy DMP-1 Streamer and Roon endpoint. Another Ethernet cat 6a Cable runs to TV room audio, managed by another Netgear unmanaged switch with splits to Roku Ultra and Oppo UDP-205, a Roon endpoint.

I noticed this before. Don’t happen often, but a reboot if the core usually sorts it.

Not that you should have to do that.

How do you reboot the Core? I don’t have any control that I am aware of of my Sonic Transporter.

You can reboot the sonic transporter from its web interface. If you only just added your music it could still be scanning and processing the library in the background. This can be quite a lengthy process dependant of how much material you have.

Hello @Echolane,

Thanks for contacting us regarding this issue. Since you have a Netgear R7000, I would try disabling the “Enable Smart Connect” option as I mentioned in your previous thread, I am not sure if you have had a chance to do this yet.

We have also seen users have a better TIDAL experience in the past if they change their DNS servers from the ISP provided ones to Google DNS or Cloudflare DNS. Can you please give this a try and let me know if it helps?


My router wasn’t the problem. The DNS servers were not the problem. I am not using Tidal. I finally got private support on this issue. It turned out to be a file that Roon suggested I okay during the initialization. I should have ignored Roon’s suggestion.

Could you please say what this file was? Documenting the issue fully here in the forum would help those who land in a similar situation in the future. Thanks.

Hello @Echolane,

Thanks for letting us know that it was a file, can you please post more information as to what the file was and how you resolved the issue as Geoff inquired?

If you still have the file, would you mind sending it to us so that QA can take a look and hopefully prevent similar issues in the future? I will PM you shortly on how to send it over to us.


I’d like very much to help, as I understand perfectly how useful it would be for others, but I am not sure what resolved the problem. As I said, someone else found it and all I was told was the second file was the problem, it shouldn’t have been there.

So I spent some time today going through all options under “Settings” and I am pretty sure the problem was under Settings > Folder. There was a second folder listed there and when the second folder was deleted, that seemed to resolve the problem.

I do remember when I was setting Roon up, it presented me with a second file as an option and I accepted it, because it looked like Roon expected me to do so. So I did, without understanding the purpose. I no longer remember any details of the file names involved in the chain.