Roon quits unexpectedly, MacMini server

Running Roon on a MacMini M1 2020 8Gb as a server ( No other software running ), 1400 Tracks using an external 2Tb SSD.

For some reason the app quits unexpectedly from time to time. This issue is completely random, When this happens I have to login remotely and restart the app. I have searched the forum for this issue but could not find a definitive solution to rectify this. Is it possible that some external interference is causing this?, I asked this question because recently for some reason Wi-Fi connected hardware, Printer etc loses connection and has to be reset. I have hard wired my Matrix Elements I to overcome being disconnected. My router is connected via a BT Modem and just wondering whether the app is losing it’s IP address for some reason, I am no expert so is just something to mention.

Are you running Roon or RoonServer?

What os version…I found 12.x.x rather unreliable for roon. 11.x.x was better, as is 13 beta, I also use 16gb m1 mini as I found swap file was being used often, but I have a large 330k track library

Using Version 12.x.x and in reply to Rugby this may sound strange but not really sure whether it’s Roon or RoonServer, How do I find out? does looking somewhere in the settings menu tell me which one it is. Perhaps it may be better to do multiple backups and reinstall using RoonServer?.

Feel a bit stupid now as I have just been looking on the Knowledge Base regarding the RoonServer and I shall read the article in view of installing it on the MacMini if you think this may resolve the issue of the app quitting unexpectedly!.

I wouldn’t put the blame all on yourself… The first 2 large download buttons link people to the Roon app which as you have probably now figured out, acts as a server and has the client GUI. It’s not until you scroll further down the page you get to link to download the “RoonServer” app that runs as a background process with no GUI.

RoonServer running as background process and Roon app for the interface is the better way to run roon.

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FYI. I have set up the MacMini as a server only and will wait and see if it eliminates the " Quit Unexpectedly " situation!.

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