Roon Quits Unexpectedly

Hello, I have a Roon Nucleus running version 1.8, to a Rose 150B endpoint. Using my iPad for control, music will play for a while then stop followed by a circle in the middle of the screen (Progress bar) then I’ll get an error on my iPad that something is oops, wrong. If I wait, sometimes the song will come back up on the iPad, and I can restart. Frustrating as it didn’t do this before. My Network runs at 200 gbs, so no problem streaming high-def video. What can I do to fix this? Your thoughts?

Describing your home network setup would assist support. Streaming of high def video is not the same and actually less stressful on a network than hi def real time audio.

have an Arris Surfboard SB8200 modem 200 Gbs down 40 up. I didn’t have this drop-out problem before the last software update you did. Not sure what else you need from me in terms of network capability?

Hi Joe,

Just a fellow user, trying to get some additional information for support when they engage as they do not work weekends.

That’s great, but, I meant the actual network path like

ISP Modem - ethernet - Netgear Switch - ethernet - Nucleus
… … … … … … … … .Netgear Switch - ethernet - DAC

How are is your nucleus connected to the network and how is your DAC connected, and, if you are playing local files, how are they connected as well.

If there is a WiFi hop anywhere in the playback chain (not counting the control device) then I would look to change that to an ethernet connection and see if the dropouts continue.

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Hey @Joe_Sharp,

Ben with the support team here, I wanted to check in and see if you’re still running into audio playback issues?

As @Rugby mentioned, providing your specific router and network details, and the physical path from your core to your network is immensely important for us to understand, as this issue could very much be related to inconsistencies with your Core connecting to your network.

In the meantime, I would give your Nucleus a hard reboot and see if your issue persists :+1:

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