Roon quits when I drag a file to the app icon

It says you can just drag a song right onto the Roon App icon. When I do it, it works sometimes and
other times it makes Roon quit and I have to reopen.

I just want to easily be able to add a track or album without doing some complex network file folder ie just drag in a new album or song as I wish.

Have you set up your Roon core music folders?

Dragging to Roon’s watch folder icon does work, at least for me.

It seems to work when I drag from a drop box file but is hit and miss when you drag straight from iTunes.

Hi @ryan_stratton,

Does it always happen with the same files, or if you try another time with the same file does it then work?

Can you give some details on your setup here? What Core machine are you using? Where are the files stored?

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