Roon quits when I select an album for editing [fixed]


If I select (secondary click) an album in Albums view then I get the Play/Edit drop down menu at the top of the window and I am able to access the album editor. However, every time I select (secondary click) an album in Genre view, Roon immediately quits.

The above in on a Mac Pro (Early 2008) running OSX 10.11.3 (15D21) and Roon v1.1, build 99. Secondary click is on an Apple Trackpad but I get the same behaviour on a Wacom pen tablet.

It is easy to get around (don’t edit in Genre view!) but would appear to be a program bug.

John T

Hello @John_Tunley,

Thanks for the report. This issue will be fixed in our next release.

Fixed in Build 102 - thanks for the incredibly quick response!

John T