Roon Quitting Unprompted on Mac Mini M2 Occasionally

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini M2 running the latest Mac OS and Roon software.


I have a question about a strange problem. Once in a wile my Mac closes Roon. Let’s say once a week.
Does anyone here knows why this happens?

Thanks! :pray:t2:

Does it crash? Is there a macOS crash message? If so, there should be a button where you can copy the message text. Please paste it here.

No, no crash. It just stops :man_shrugging:t2: (in the evening/night)
In the morning I can simply start up Roon again.

Hi @Nick_Huizenhaar,

Thank you for the report and for your patience - we’re behind on the queue and working hard to catch up. I’m assuming you have an external display connected to your Mac Mini? Do you have any additional displays in this setup? If you disconnect the display overnight as a test, is Roon still running in the morning?

We’re also curious if playback is running when you encounter this unmanaged crash, and if you’re able to identify the last track that played prior to the Roon stopping by navigating to your Recently Played int he Queue screen. That should assist us in identifying the event in logs.

Lastly - do you have any USB devices connected to the Mac when you encounter this?


Hey. Thanks for your response.
Some answers to your questions.

-No, Roon isn’t playing while I’m a sleep at night.
-No, i don’t have a second display connected to my Mac.
-I have an external HD connected to my Mac via USB C. And that’s a connection also used for a second display.

This problem (Roon quits) is not happening every night. Maybe once/twice a week.
My Mac is always on.


Kind regards,

I have my M2 Mini set to reboot in the middle of the night and have never experienced the problem you describe.

You can do this in Terminal. Apple has a support link which for some reason cannot be posted here.

Okay…? But then I have to type in the Mac’s password every morning i guess? :thinking:

Auto login.


Mine shuts down at 4 am and reboots at 7 am.

Here is how I set the shutdown and startup in terminal:

pmset repeat shutdown MTWRFSU 04:00:00 wakeorpoweron MTWRFSU 7:00:00

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