Roon RAAT instability

I have a Devialet 220 CI with the Roon Core stored on a Windows PC - which is only used for Roon. I have largely had trouble free streaming to my Devialet using Roon - initially with Roon Air and lately with Roon RAAT.

In recent weeks, I have experienced periodic instability with Roon RAAT. Most of the time it works perfectly well, but then there are periods when it will simply drop in and out without any apparent reason. The Devialet ethernet option remains but I cannot use this as I get a variety of messages including Audio device in use and input cannot be switched.

The Roon RAAT option will make brief reappearances but then disappear again.

This is particularly annoying as the pre RAAT implementation of Roon Air with Devialet was virtually trouble free.

Does rebooting the Roon Core on the PC help. If I ever get problems, the RAM on my QNAP is saturated.

Thanks. I have tried that. It does not fix it - at least not immediately. Last time, it seemed to fix itself after an hour or so. This time, I switched from Ethernet to wifi and things are OK so far using wifi.

When you were using ethernet, was it using gigabit network speed? I have found that by dropping my Roonserver PC down from 1.0 gbps to 100 mbps, I can use Roon RAAT to my Devialet without dropouts or errors. Strange but it works. Hopefully Roon will find a solution to address this better soon.

Hi @Paul_Williams,

What is your network setup like? Can you let me know the exact model/manufacturer of your router, any switches, powerline adapters, ect? Switching over to WiFi and things working again can indicate some type of network instability. You might want to also try replacing Ethernet cables, both for your Devialet and also for the Core to Network connection to see if that changes anything.


Thanks for your reply. If your assessment is that it is my network issue, I am happy to leave it at that. The WiFi continues to work flawlessly (much to my surprise). I have some friends, who have greater technical capability than myself, who I will get to have a look at my setup.

Hello @Paul_Williams,

It is too early to say conclusively, but when I’ve seen similar issues in the past we have traced them to networking issues. The Devialet disappearing could be due to multicast going wrong somewhere on your network or issues with the multicast setup you have.

I would suggest your friends take a look at our Networking Best Practices Guide to identify any possible shortcomings in the network setup when hardwired. Please let me know if that helps or if this issue re-occurs while on WiFi as that will give us another good data point.


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