Roon Radio 1.6 Feedback Thread

(Ged) #126

One of the reasons they bought Minecraft a virtual world where millions play with your algorithms.

(Frank Luderer) #127

Same here. I am a Qobuz customer, but do not have a streaming subscription. Roon Radio does not work because of picking qobuz tracks.

(Mac Rebant) #128

In my little bit of experimenting with the new radio feature I found it’s really good at generating similar content for some songs/artists/genres, but then really horrible at others, particularly categories of hip hop such as east coast/old school/conscious, etc., and also liquid drum & bass/atmospheric d&b.

I need to spend more time trying a bunch of different radios but I’m very pleased Roon added the option to add streaming content to radio.

(Anders Vinberg) #129

I have seen this issue, but I don’t understand it.
You enter a Qobuz logon into Roon even though you don’t have a subscription, and then Roon has problems because it tries to use that Qobuz logon? Is that right?

In that case, why tell Roon you have a Qobuz logon?
Why not remove it?

(Geoff Coupe) #130

Because with a Qobuz account (without a streaming subscription) the full glory of Roon Radio is unlocked. The algorithm may well throw up picks outside of your local library, but that’s OK, the tracks just get skipped. The fact remains that the new algorithm is far better than the local library algorithm.

(Anders Vinberg) #131

But people are complaining that it doesn’t work when you do that.

If it works, fine.
If it doesn’t work when you do that, then don’t do that.


How so, specifically what is unlocked that is beneficial?

I guess searching would be able to display Qobuz tracks, but that’s still a double edged sword…

Should Roon display content that’s not playable?

(Scott Johnson) #133

I was really excited to read about the new Roon Radio… until I discovered that you need an active streaming service to use the new feature.

Are there any plans to bring this functionality to those of us who play from our local libraries only?


Does anyone know what Holiday music is? When skipping or giving a thumbs down to an upcoming track I asked why and when I select ‘track doesn’t fit’, Holiday music is one of the three next options I have. I did search for this on the forum but the only post mentioning it is the 1.6 release notes but the context is not the same I think.

(Anders Vinberg) #135

Christmas music.
I think the idea is to tell Roon if the thumbs-down is calendar related.

(Tony) #136

Isn’t “holiday” deliberately culture neutral? From a western perspective I would assume Christmas music also. But I remember working in Dubai/Abu Dhabi in the Middle East for several years where there were 120+ countries working and just from local radio stations or Hotel lobbeys it was some cultural group’s key holiday period pretty much all year.

I was reminded of this recently when I found an “Indian” fusion playlist on Qobuz. The key holiday in Hindu India is “Diwali” for example in October. I certainly would not be sensitive to “special” Diwali holiday music but no doubt someone brought up in that culture would be.

(Lior) #137

Also joining the complaint that Radio doesn’t choose the best (primary) version of a track it chooses to play. It’s true even between 2 local versions, not just local vs external.

(Lior) #138

I’m missing a thumb-down/skipping reason of “This is being too repetitive for me”, in case Radio is repeating tracks from the same set of albums. I wouldn’t want Roon to understand anything else about the reason why I skipped in this case, as normally those selections would be good for that radio station.


I am seeing similar behaviour too, with maybe 6 or 7 artists repeating (relevant choices) interspersed with non-relevant choices that keep coming back even after being dismissed.

(R. Neal) #140

Today I was queuing up a playlist, and Maggie May by Rod Stewart came up. I clicked thumbs up, ok sure why not?

Then it came up at least three or four more times while building the queue.

What to do?

Click thumbs down because I already said thumbs up? Would it get removed? Would I never hear it again? That would be sad, because I kinda like the song.

Or, click thumbs up and have it added to the queue again? I like the song, but not that much.

What a dilemma!

One of the Roon tech guys said earlier in one of the numerous 1.6 threads something about UI and buttons and switches causing stress or anxiety or something.

Well, here you go. I might need therapy!


(Lior) #141

I’m pretty sure that the tumbs up in the queue page, where you agree to add a song to your playlist, does not have an effect on your Radio preferences, because the suggestions might be songs you don’t know yet and so can’t pass judgement before you give them a listen. This is in opposition to the thumbs up/down in the Now Playing page, which do affect personalization.
According to the above logic, the thumbs down in the queue page too should not have an effect on future Radios, but now my brain goes in a twist because in 1.5 it was definitely used to influence subsequent radio suggestions, at least in the current session.

Having said all that, I think that the best course of action is to rely on the Roon guys that over time the Radio will adjust itself to your preferences, so just do what you “feel” is right. In the long run, when Roon has accumulated a large set of your choices, thing should even out.

In other words, I’m thinking maybe we shouldn’t over think it :grin:

(Anders Vinberg) #142

Of course it’s culture neutral, Xmas was just an example.
And “calendar related” is more complex than it seems: not just Ramadan is moon-based and moves in the western calendar, the Jewish holidays are very complex.


Further up it’s stated that testing showed the AI logic made really bad choices on local libraries smaller than the top 1% of Roon users thus the lack of local library applicability.

I asked about fit for my 365,000 tracks / 20k albums) and the reply was that I would need to train the AI w/a prohibitively large number of plays of each track.

Another tried connecting a purchase account w/o active streaming but once the AI selected a Qobuz track the radio ended (vs skipping) and needed to be restarted. Skipping would be OK but stopping wouldn’t be a good workaround.

Someone else stated that Radio doesn’t pick the best version (between locals or cloud) so my idea of using the most affordable subscription at 320kbs may not be a good idea because I could be listening to Qobuz 320kbs versions of tracks I have local in HiRez.

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #144

Impressive. I just seeded with Butthole Surfers’ Pepper and I’ve had a great succession of 90s alternative tunes. That IS what I want Radio to do, at least a substantial portion of the time.


Any sense of how that compares to what 1.5 radio would have provided? I have been using 1.5 radio and get some genre consistent lists (i.e. Grant Green produced guitar jazz and similar, Rolling Stones produced up beat rock with some variances but not Jazz or soft rock or modern alt rock.

Of course it seems new logic will learn with time so deltas should grow.