Roon Radio, add to Library, tagging and favouriting

Now that ARC makes my Roon library available on the go, I’m actually starting to use Roon for music discovery and curation. Today a track came up on Roon Radio that I wanted to incorporate into my library. It gave me the Add to Library and Add to Playlist options, but did not give me the option to add tags or even to make the track a favorite.

Am I missing something? Please tell me Roon Radio isn’t the same dead end that Tidal Playlists are! :sob:

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A track or album must be in your library before you can add tags, favorite it, or edit it in any way

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Thanks! In the screen shot above, the track has been added to my library. What’s the process after that to allow these other operations?

Go to the version of the album/track in the library (i.e. the newly added one). You can favorite, tag, and edit it there. Note that you can’t do that with the copy of the track in the radio queue because this is still the non-library version

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Thanks, @Suedkiez. That’s exactly what I was afraid of. The same inconvenience as Tidal Playlist tracks.

Bumping this since it’s the most fitting description of the issue I’m facing as well. Why can’t the now playing screen and the context menus update when an “Add to Library” function has been performed? It’s so inconvenient needing to go back to the just added album, often times needing to hit “Add to Library” again to force an update to the page… Annoying!

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@SMT, welcome to the Roon community. You may want to add your vote to Feature Suggestions.

For example…

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Thanks @Martin_Webster! So here’s the thing. Since this feature request is from 2019 and has four votes, it’s (probably) never gonna get tackled, even though the underlying UX issue is huge, it’s a real nuisance while discovering music. I kindly suggest to treat this as the flaw it is and not like a feature request.

If I hit “Add album to library” I should see and be able to hit the favorite icon directly afterwards.

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Just so you know, I’m a volunteer community moderator, and don’t represent Roon. It’s the same for the other mods.

Regarding #feedback:feature-suggestions, these are viewed by Roon, but they decide what is and isn’t important. Moreover, it helps if people vote for their suggestions.

A mentioned in the feature request, if you are listening to a release that isn’t in your library, and then add it, both are different data objects, which is why some features are available on one and not the other.

Thanks Martin. I appreciate you being a moderator and understand the difference between folks representing Roon and someone like yourself. I did upvote that feature request. Still, I’m sticking with my opinion, it’s an oversight that needs to be fixed. Actually, it’s my biggest issue with Roon and I have used the software before.

It’s stunning to see this not getting fixed in years, even (or especially) if it’s an architectural issue. Why can the data objects not be treated differently? It’s baffling, really. I would think that the people in charge who use Roon themselves would see the same issues and take it upon themselves to fix this.

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Just ran into this who ever thought that you have to add the album or track to your library before you can tag it isn’t thinking that through. For example, I started a radio for Metallica I own the album and also have Tidal so roon will pick the highest quality but I’m trying to build a Metallica playlist I go to Tag this track won’t let me so I need to add it to the Libary but I already have the Album that I own added to the library so I have to add Tidal and my own just to add a tag I can. to the radio building a playlist. What am I missing this seems so dumb. Please don’t say add the track or album and then tag once you do add the album you have to go find the track or album to tag it Kinda insane. What I’m listening to during a radio play I should just be able to hit three dots and Tag that simple. I can’t be the only one that sees this as crazy. Is this getting fixed at 150 bucks a year the simple stuff should work.

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Roon has a unique location set for each track in your library. The Tidal tracks will be a lookup on the fly , so it’s 2 different locations and location types

Not sure they could do much about that other than “importing” the whole Tidal catalogue into your library ?

You could simply add the track directly to the playlist; playlists do not have to include tracks from your library.

More to the point, we are discussing tracks, not songs by an artist. Tracks are found on a release, and there may be multiple versions (there definitely are if one is from a streaming service and the other a CD.) I certainly would not what the action of tagging or toggling the favourite icon to be applied universally to a song. Each release is different.

The underlying bugbear is that when you add a track or release to your library, the view, or track playing is not, so it’s impossible to tag without navigating away. In other words, the act of adding should allow you to tag, favourite, play etc. from the current view.

See this post in Feature Suggestions.

Incidently, the OP is about ARC, not Roon remote.

Since this conversation has been restarted, let me clarify and update a bit:

In the regular, home version of Roon, I cannot immediately tag a newly-discovered track—even after adding it to my library.

For example, this song came up during my Sunday morning chilled-out listening session. I added it to my library, but I can’t use the same menu to tag it as chilled-out so it comes up in future chilled-out listening sessions. I have learned (quite by accident) that I have to go locate it in my library and tag it there. It’s only 3 or 4 additional clicks, but it’s a process that makes no sense to a casual user.

Agreed, I understand how it “works” today but it’s it very poor user workflow… and causes much frustration.

One I wish Roon would address.