Roon Radio, add to Library, tagging and favouriting

Now that ARC makes my Roon library available on the go, I’m actually starting to use Roon for music discovery and curation. Today a track came up on Roon Radio that I wanted to incorporate into my library. It gave me the Add to Library and Add to Playlist options, but did not give me the option to add tags or even to make the track a favorite.

Am I missing something? Please tell me Roon Radio isn’t the same dead end that Tidal Playlists are! :sob:

A track or album must be in your library before you can add tags, favorite it, or edit it in any way

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Thanks! In the screen shot above, the track has been added to my library. What’s the process after that to allow these other operations?

Go to the version of the album/track in the library (i.e. the newly added one). You can favorite, tag, and edit it there. Note that you can’t do that with the copy of the track in the radio queue because this is still the non-library version

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Thanks, @Suedkiez. That’s exactly what I was afraid of. The same inconvenience as Tidal Playlist tracks.