Roon Radio almost but no cigar

Oh well radio has been greatly improved but it’s still not quite there. I just played the latest album by Sharron Van Etten after it started radio all good some nice tracks but after 4 tracks it played a track from the same album that finished 4 songs earlier. Almost but no cigar just yet.

And was that wildly different?

That’s not the point It had already played this track though when listening to the album which is what triggered the radio that’s my niggle. The new radio is supposed to not do this and avoid repeats of artists and tracks.

I’m sure you know what you mean but I find it hard to follow. Did you start a new radio session using the Etten album which was then followed by some tracks and then one of those following tracks repeated?

Yes and no. It repeated one of the album tracks.

And is this a regular problem or a one off?

So far one off. Just wanted to document it. The rest were no repeats. And I am very pleased with it big improvement. It really does help show off good recordings mastering to others though. Which is all.part of the fun.