Roon radio always plays the same songs


I’ve used Roon before in the summer with both Qobuz and Tidal logged in. I subscribed to Roon in the first place, bacause it gave me great recommendations after a particular song or album ended.

When I used to be logged in with both streaming services it never, ever gave me the same track after one particular ended. Now I’m just logged in to Tidal. It even happens that after playing one song from an album, it even puts in the same song from LP. And if I listen to pop for example, it gives me the same 10 pop song always in the first 30 mins or more. And sometimes in a loop, as I hear the song which was played like 40 mins ago, now again.

And the song I skip and I don’t like, I don’t want to hear it, at all. Tidal app can do this simple thing, Roon can’t do it. While it’s a music management software itself and should be the bare minimum to get these services, it fails to have these. I’m not paying anymore, as it’s more annoying, than useful. Always the same few songs on Roon Radio, while with one streaming service there are millions of songs possible to be played.

Also I sometimes cannot add the song to library, which was finally a completely new recommendation, after a miracle possibly. Not even on the app or on the desktop UI. I’m using a Mac with the latest version as core. And iOS to control.

Thank you for your help regarding these very frustrating issues.

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